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Labyrinth of forgotten Goddess 1.20.0

Game update on 16/05/2023. Created by Andrew Graywith java. Available for download in en.

Labyrinth is a rogue like RPG game where you enter a maze and fight your way to more and more challenging levels. The maze contains many various monsters which you can fight with sword, spells or with various kinky acts to gain experience and get better in whatever you prefer to use. The game is focused on transformation, body part changes and mind control. It contains several hundreds of effects that may happen to the player and player may inflict them on the monsters as well, the effects may be combined and stacked creating huge number of situations. The kinky combat provides full flexibility in terms of what can be done by the player and what would be done by monsters (who have simple AI). Did you miss possibility to shrink the monster and play with it, perhaps let is go to places no man has gone before? It is possible to slowly transform the body into rubber and inflate it until it blows up or deflate it or transform your foes into lingerie and let them caress your body.
SpoilerThere is handmade game content with limited conversations and puzzles and mayhem mode with fully random generated levels with increasing difficulty to provide replayability.

The base game contains one handmade level set and one random option, four player avatars (standard warrior, dominatrix spellcaster, dominant shemale and submissive femboy) with different levelling trees.

Base Patreon content contains additional handmade world, hentai themed random levels and additional avatars: slime girl who transforms foes into slime and absorbs them, pregnancy focused sorceress breeding friendly monsters, voodoo witch with ability to create dolls and remold monster's bodies, additional monsters like zombies, centaurs, plants and slime and latex, doll and slime themed effects. You also get unobfuscated game data and editors for modding.

Full patreon version contains better landscape and animation sprites and larger maps for better playability.The game contains pdf manual and also help available on right click on UI.

Game is avaialble for Windows, Linux, Mac
Male Protagonist, Female Protagonist, Futa/Trans Protagonist, Anal Sex, Big Ass, Big Tits, Creampie, Female domination, Footjob, Furry, Futa/Trans, Gay, Groping, Handjob, Humiliation, Lactation, Lesbian, Male Domination, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Rape, Sex Toys, Sissification, Slave, Spanking, Transformation, Vaginal sex, Combat, Fantasy, Mind control, Monster, Monster Girl, Possession, Rpg, Real porn
How to install:
On Win:
1. Extract and run lofg.bat

On Linux and MacOS:
1. Extract and run game.dat as Java jar file
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