List of games tagged with female-domination

Where is Love?

Where is Love? v0.1

about 10 hours ago
"Where is Love?" is a choice-driven dark comedy visual novel that questions notions of family. Love ...
Slave Training Machine

Slave Training Machine v1.02

2024-06-10 17:09:33
In this interactive JOI game (jerk off instructions) you are placed in a machine designed to train s...
NTR Phone

NTR Phone 0.14

by Shybox
2024-06-09 16:26:16
Chat with various types of Girls using the App and experience multiple endings including NTR, NTS an...

Corrulla v0.0.3b

2024-06-07 19:48:09
Welcome to Corrulla, a text based erotic adventure game. Within, you will find an evil and lewd demo...
Boss Of The Gym

Boss Of The Gym Ep.

2024-06-07 19:04:02
This is a story about an ordinary guy who left his village for the BIG CITY chasing his dream, only ...
The Queen's Game

The Queen's Game v1.0

2024-06-07 16:11:08
You are a mere humble minimum wage worker in our world. Recently laid-off, nothing ever seems to go ...
Ryona Fighter 2

Ryona Fighter 2 1.0.5

2024-06-07 10:20:14
Choose your favorite female character and fight against rapist opponents in Street Fighter 2 stages!...
Everything is Fair in Love and War

Everything is Fair in Love and War 0.1

2024-06-07 01:12:14
In a bustling school environment where academic excellence and social hierarchy reign supreme, Shiro...
Stranded on Santa Astarta

Stranded on Santa Astarta 1.1.0

2024-06-06 16:52:29
This a story about a guy who accidentally arrives in a country where women are dominant. The objecti...

Spartan Prologue

2024-06-05 13:50:35
The story of a guy in the fantasy world, who was enslaved by the dark elves. And what happened to hi...
Deals With Witch

Deals With Witch 1.0

2024-06-04 01:33:27
A crisis has descended upon the village where you live.Following an ancient legend, you embarked on ...
The Incompetent Demon King & the Four Dispelling Stones

The Incompetent Demon King & the Four Dispelling Stones 1.01

2024-06-03 05:12:06
Failing to fulfill her duties as the Demon Lord and instead indulging in idle days, Demon Lord Remi ...
Lusty Tail

Lusty Tail 1.0

2024-06-03 00:56:54
Lusty Tail is a new-making adult visual novel game based on Fairy Tail. As the main plot of the stor...
This ripe body is just for me. ~Mutual Sadomasochism~

This ripe body is just for me. ~Mutual Sadomasochism~ Final

2024-06-01 06:32:57
Namino Yuuta enrolls into a school under his mother recommendation.This school used to be an prestig...
Tim's Adventures

Tim's Adventures 0.1.0

2024-05-31 02:35:08
This is the story of Tim, a boy who lives a quiet and lonely life with his father. For work reasons,...
The Fox and Devil: Tales of Eleonora

The Fox and Devil: Tales of Eleonora Chapter

2024-05-30 16:56:36
The Fox and Devil tells the story of Eleonora, a half-demon who lives camouflaged in the human world...
Halls of the Pale Widow

Halls of the Pale Widow 1.00

2024-05-30 13:11:41
Within these old halls, the spirit of a woman roams. She thirsts for the blood of men and is unrelen...
~Feeling Good With Your Little Sister, Onii-Chan You're Pervert~

~Feeling Good With Your Little Sister, Onii-Chan You're Pervert~ Final

2024-05-29 07:07:14
Suzushiro Ryou works as a teacher in an all-girls school.Saori, Ryou's little sister is famous for b...
Haunted Inheritance

Haunted Inheritance 0.01

by Altris
2024-05-29 04:09:34
You play the role of a man that recently was informed his estranged grandfather passed away and left...
Naughty Assignment

Naughty Assignment v1.0

2024-05-28 00:45:17
Your long awaited saturday has arrived, that means that you get to kick back and relax for the weeke...
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