List of games tagged with masturbation

The Journalist

The Journalist 1.0

1 day ago
Find yourself within the first Article ever published by Ann our brandnew Journalist!​Game is avaial...
Helter Skelter - Village of White Obscene Fluid

Helter Skelter - Village of White Obscene Fluid 2.40

by Guilty
1 day ago
Miu is a university student. She has two sisters, Fubuki and Haruka, and their mother, Sayoko, is a ...

FEMTALITY X: Hero's End v0.1.6a

2024-07-12 20:44:58
After a series of poor life choices, Claude (renamable MC) finds himself trapped in a world where he...
Cock Roulette

Cock Roulette v0.3-premature

2024-07-11 23:05:12
A simple web-based JOI themed game where you swipe through boob drops while there's an increasing ch...
The Desert Wanderer

The Desert Wanderer v0.0.1

2024-07-10 17:27:34
Venture into Bryan's story.He travels the world of Aetheria living as an adventurer while enjoying p...
Unexpected Guest

Unexpected Guest v1.0

2024-07-10 07:36:41
Megan lived an ordinary life in a village on the border of the Empire. She had long lacked male atte...
Rock 'n' Roll Rise!

Rock 'n' Roll Rise! 1.0.3

2024-07-09 14:40:39
"The Dark Lord's Magical Tool".Those who obtain it can become the rulers of the world... Employed by...
Fragments Of Eden

Fragments Of Eden 0.02

2024-07-08 23:31:31
You take the role of Bruce Hayden the failed writer, with luck so bad he is more likely to choke to ...
Hypnosis of Busty Female Officer "There's No Way I'd Follow Orders from Someone Like You"

Hypnosis of Busty Female Officer "There's No Way I'd Follow Orders from Someone Like You" Final

by Lune
2024-07-08 20:34:14
Hundreds of years have passed since humanity began to immigrate into space. Humanity has spread too ...
Sex Coach: Hot Yoga

Sex Coach: Hot Yoga Prologue

2024-07-08 12:52:14
What would happen if someone decided to turn the prestigious fitness club into his own little perver...
Giant Wishes Memories

Giant Wishes Memories v1.0.0d

2024-07-08 12:16:01
A traditional JRPG about Astrid, a human who was summoned by the king to go on a secret mission: inv...
Anika's Bar

Anika's Bar

2024-07-07 19:16:26
Meet Anika, a Bartender of the Blue Star Bar from My Magical Harem (non released game, will release ...
Enchanted Hearts

Enchanted Hearts Chapter

2024-07-07 18:45:45
"This is a story about a 23-year-old young man named Andrew, who lost his father in an accident but ...
Mousse Quest

Mousse Quest 0.1

2024-07-07 17:26:40
You play as the shortstack mouse girl Mousse, who went back to her hometown for vacation. This vacat...
Fighting Magical Girls RPG Women Defense

Fighting Magical Girls RPG Women Defense 1.1.0

2024-07-06 20:51:06
Kaede Sunafuji returns home from her part-time job and encounters a man in full tights attacking a w...
Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet 1.02

2024-07-06 18:38:22
SpoilerThe setting is "the early 20th century when the frontier era had ended in the central areas a...
Blood of the Dragon

Blood of the Dragon v0.1.0

2024-07-05 22:38:02
Yearning to prove yourself, you train to become a knight's squire. After finally besting your mentor...
Hunter: Space Pirates

Hunter: Space Pirates v0.1.3

2024-07-05 20:34:54
At the tender age of three, our protagonist is separated from his mother under mysterious circumstan...
Metropolis: Cyberpunk Ero RPG

Metropolis: Cyberpunk Ero RPG v1.0

2024-07-04 21:15:56
A future with advanced online technology.The world's leading companies have come to have great econo...
Royal Training

Royal Training v1.0

2024-07-04 14:53:26
Royal Training is a short clicker game where your challenge is to bring the blonde princess to ecsta...
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