List of games tagged with groping

Younger Sister ~Time for Harmony~

Younger Sister ~Time for Harmony~ 0.921

about 5 hours ago
This is a story about accidentally having a sexual encounter with my younger sister right after she ...
Mrs. Wild

Mrs. Wild 2024-02-29

about 8 hours ago
Mrs Wild's misadventures are wacky little stories created with humour... and a bit of sex!​Game is a...
Whispers of the Dark Elf

Whispers of the Dark Elf Chapter

by Darthz
1 day ago
This story passes 30 years before the chapter 2:In the serene Elf village, Aldos(Main character), a ...
Dilemma of Devotion

Dilemma of Devotion Ch.1

1 day ago
Dilemma of Devotion embarks you, the protagonist, on a journey.To the outside world, You seem to be ...
Live in Corruption

Live in Corruption 1.0

2024-03-02 21:23:21
Calvin is down on his luck. At the lowest point in his life his best friend finds him and invites hi...
Journey of Lust

Journey of Lust 0.1

2024-03-01 18:50:04
In the game, you will play as a destitute modern individual who, due to a wish, crosses over into a ...
Transpile Girl Rescue Operation!

Transpile Girl Rescue Operation! Final

2024-03-01 17:13:43
In the year 2030, humanoid robot technology has advanced significantly. After working tirelessly for...
Dextor's Plan

Dextor's Plan 0.2

2024-03-01 09:12:03
A parody game of Dexter's Laboratory, in this game you'll play as Dextor's, an enhanced clone of Dex...
Living Together Life Starting From The First Experience

Living Together Life Starting From The First Experience Final

2024-02-29 18:39:55
The main character starts living together with his girlfriend Kanako Tsukishima, whom he has been da...

FlashCyclingSide.S 1.00

2024-02-29 14:30:50
Enjoy the style of exposure play by walking as you like on the usual map.In addition to before and a...

SimTentacles 22

by zxc
2024-02-29 01:29:07
This is a game where you play as a tentacle protagonist, absorbing energy through sexual acts with w...

Itsumama Final

2024-02-27 18:06:04
The main character, Itsuki, loves his mother, Aoi, as a woman. In order to manage his uncontrollable...
Zettai Meirei Isekai Soushin Party!

Zettai Meirei Isekai Soushin Party! 1.00

2024-02-26 15:29:09
Our protagonist get's summoned to another world with the girl that bullied her a lot in her original...
Sex Euphoria

Sex Euphoria Final

2024-02-26 07:57:40
:Welcome to the captivating world of emotions and discoveries - the game Sex Euphoria ! Immerse your...
Project Malice

Project Malice

2024-02-26 00:22:16
The year is 213X. Earth has gone to shit. The infected roam the streets. They’ve killed everything y...


2024-02-25 17:00:56
One day during the cold winter months, the three of them decide to go to Tetsuo's apartment after th...
Musumama 4

Musumama 4 Final

2024-02-24 20:16:37
On a hot summer day, Ryou falls ill with a bad cold. His worried mother, Akiho, takes great care of ...
Instinct Unleashed

Instinct Unleashed Prologue

2024-02-24 13:43:07
The story of Jade (name changeable) futanari in a world where people like her are feared and shunned...
Corporate Pussy

Corporate Pussy Final

2024-02-24 05:35:30
:Corporate pussy is an adult visual novel with Point & Click elements. Dive into the office life...
Ninja Infiltration

Ninja Infiltration Final

2024-02-23 13:39:44
Ayame the female ninja has just gotten married to Yoshimitsu. Her newest mission is to infiltrate th...
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