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Under The Mansion v1.0

Game update on 24/05/2024. Created by Imisx. Available for download in en.

Edwin and Riley are two orphans who are forced to leave their orphanage after turning 18. Now homeless, they decide to work for the Ellsworth family who promises them a salary and a place to sleep at the same time.​

Game is avaialble for Windows, Mac
3DCG, 2D Game, Female Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Big Tits, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Voyeurism, Handjob, Vaginal sex, Creampie, Groping, Virgin, Blackmail, Rape, Corruption, Female Domination, Male Domination, Sexual Harassment, Multiple Endings, Netorare, Bukkake, footjob, mind control.
How to install:
1. Extract and run game.exe
Developer comments:
I'm not a native english speaker, so I want to apologize in advance for any grammatical error or strange sentences.
If h-scenes are too slow for you, hold the action button(Usually 'Z' or 'Enter') to make them go faster.
There's a gallery at the end, but I suggest to save often and just replay everything when necessary to enjoy the context. The game is not that long anyway.
If you decide not to do that, still, please save often and save in different slotes. There could be game breaking bugs lurking in the shadows...
This game has some choices, and they are all important. At the end, depending on your choices, you'll reach one of the 4 variation of the ending. So, be careful!
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