List of games tagged with corruption

Alice in LewdLand

Alice in LewdLand v1.77

1 day ago
One day, a young boy by the name of Rui Kururu touches a shining book in the library and finds himse...
Find Your Future

Find Your Future 1.0

2024-07-13 19:00:56
You wake up from cryogenic stasis in the year 2124. What follows is a glorified bad-end picker with ...

FEMTALITY X: Hero's End v0.1.6a

2024-07-12 20:44:58
After a series of poor life choices, Claude (renamable MC) finds himself trapped in a world where he...
Okazu App

Okazu App 1.0

2024-07-11 20:18:01
Hiyori Tsuno is a shy and withdrawn girl who doesn't have any male friends. One day when wishing to ...
Jabara Princess

Jabara Princess Steam

2024-07-11 17:13:33
The sisters of the beautiful princess knight went for the subjugation of the monster acting violentl...
A Debt Paid

A Debt Paid 0.01

2024-07-08 04:42:23
Depending on your choices you might get yourself and your girlfriend into unwanted trouble. This gam...
Gyuumaou Muneyoshi!! ~The Cuckoldry Volume~

Gyuumaou Muneyoshi!! ~The Cuckoldry Volume~ 1.0

2024-07-07 10:09:05
An RPG about flirtatious sex with Mrs. Muneyoshi, the busty human cow-queen.Highly recommended to lo...
Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet 1.02

2024-07-06 18:38:22
SpoilerThe setting is "the early 20th century when the frontier era had ended in the central areas a...
Popolife! -Anzu's Part-Time Job as a Rural Slut-

Popolife! -Anzu's Part-Time Job as a Rural Slut- 1.0

2024-07-06 16:51:39
Gal spirit medium Anzu came to the countryside to exterminate yokai, but she was tricked and raped b...
Metropolis: Cyberpunk Ero RPG

Metropolis: Cyberpunk Ero RPG v1.0

2024-07-04 21:15:56
A future with advanced online technology.The world's leading companies have come to have great econo...
LEWDNESS ~Vita Sexualis~

LEWDNESS ~Vita Sexualis~ Final

2024-07-03 23:47:05
In the middle of this century, the politicians of this country, worried about the declining birth ra...
Inner Demon: Summer Vacation

Inner Demon: Summer Vacation 0.1

2024-07-03 15:12:07
Autopilot gameplay - Animation based game - over 80 animation. Enjoy simple navigation and straightf...

SLEEPLESS Nocturne Final

2024-07-02 20:57:50
Two people, Kawai Tomoki and Komori Yukino, were enjoying their unfamiliar drive date. They are a co...
SLEEPLESS ~A Midsummer Night's Dream~

SLEEPLESS ~A Midsummer Night's Dream~ Final

2024-07-02 17:56:41
In a secluded mansion deep in the mountains, the Black Rose Mansion, stands quietly. A college stude...
Project EVE

Project EVE 2.0

2024-06-29 16:26:17
Take on the role of Evette Flores "Eve" as she navigates through a series of unexpected events. What...
Dark City Fantasy

Dark City Fantasy v1.01

2024-06-29 07:24:34
Tifania takes on a new mission and visits the industrial city of Norm to the west, aiming to investi...
Angel & Demon

Angel & Demon v0.1

by Saint
2024-06-28 23:50:15
Follow the story of Veronica, a 22-year-old girl next door, student, and still living at her parent...
Apprehending the Adventurer Chan! ~Live2D Tentacles Simulator~

Apprehending the Adventurer Chan! ~Live2D Tentacles Simulator~ v1.0

2024-06-28 04:55:34
One day, the adventurer took on a quest from the guild to "investigate the strange labyrinth that a...
Ninisanni Scenario 2: The Harem End

Ninisanni Scenario 2: The Harem End v1.0

2024-06-28 03:32:24
Now then, one year has passed since the events of Ninisanni Scenario 1, and MC-kun is depressed... a...
Altered Vision

Altered Vision 0.13.5

2024-06-25 19:59:04
Altered Vision is a game in the spirit of Perverted Education, Censored Sight, and Secretary. It rev...
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