Lida's Adventures Unofficial Ren'PY Remake screenshotLida's Adventures Unofficial Ren'PY Remake screenshotLida's Adventures Unofficial Ren'PY Remake screenshotLida's Adventures Unofficial Ren'PY Remake screenshotLida's Adventures Unofficial Ren'PY Remake screenshot
Lida's Adventures Unofficial Ren'PY Remake poster

Lida's Adventures Unofficial Ren'PY Remake 1.96 (44 Days)

Game update on 18/11/2020. Created by Phalzyr. Available for download in en.

Spoiler: Original Author OverviewLida just arrived in another city with her husband Dima! But suddenly, her husband was kidnapped by unknown malefactors... The kidnapping of the husband of Lida changes her life upside down! After these events, the main goal consists of Lida's life in search of the husband! Lida has to face such vital circumstances of which she could not even think! Only YOU can reach the truth, only YOU can help Lida to cope with all difficulties! Under your skillful management, Lida will pass both through strong sufferings, and through tremendous pleasures. Plunge into the world of passion and unusual experiments with the beautiful and shameless girl...Version 1.0 is EP1 Days 1-8 plus EP2 Day 8 content so it ends as Day 8 is over.
Version above 1.0 is rest of EP2! It is playable separately OR used like a patch and play as one continuous game.
I will be providing downloads with them already combined.
Note: The movie of the splash screen is loud...I did not alter it so... You might want to turn down sound or click past it... As usual I have an option in preference menu to disable splash screen for future launches.

Game is avaialble for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
3DCG, Adventure, Anal sex, Animated, Bestiality, Corruption, Creampie, Female protagonist, Groping, Group sex, Handjob, Interracial, Masturbation, NTR, Oral sex, Rape, Rpg, Sex toys, Sexual harassment, Vaginal sex, Voyeurism
How to install:
1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on the exe to start playing.

MAC update install instructions:
  1. Download the PC patch. The Mac patch has the same data, just in a (useless for this) app.
  2. Unzip the patch. Go to the "game" folder.
  3. Right click on the app, choose "Show Package Contents", then open Contents/Resources/autorun/game
  4. Copy everything from the patch "game" folder to the app "game" folder. Overwrite when prompted.
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1.82 GBZIP1/4/2023
1.8 GBZIP1/4/2023
671 MBAPK1/4/2023
669 MBZIP1/4/2023
651 MBZIP1/4/2023

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