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Room of Lust - Dirty Conversation with Mom screenshotRoom of Lust - Dirty Conversation with Mom screenshotRoom of Lust - Dirty Conversation with Mom screenshotRoom of Lust - Dirty Conversation with Mom screenshot

Room of Lust - Dirty Conversation with Mom v1.0

Game update on 02/07/2024. Created by HotBamboowith other. Available for download in en.

An adult visual novel game, “Kitagawa Yuko” (39 years old), depicts a single mother who lives alone with her son, “Kitagawa Hiromi” (20 years old). Her husband ran away, leaving her burdened with debt. Then the relationship between mother and son crosses the line due to accidents and circumstances.
SpoilerYuko and Hiromi's suffering worsens when debt collectors come after them to repay the debts left by Yuko's husband. As time passes, Hiromi and Yuko support each other to survive. Hiromi, unable to bear seeing his mother working so hard to pay off the debts, reluctantly drops out of college. The twenty-year-old man works tirelessly, even holding down three jobs as a laborer on construction projects, a food delivery driver, and writing his own novel. Yuko's innocent and caring nature would make Hiromi do anything to make his mother happy.

Despite their hard work to repay the debts, their relationship grows incredibly close as mother and son, as they must rely on each other. Due to their poverty, they can only afford to rent a small apartment with one room. This situation forces them to share a bed, and although their lives are difficult, they become even closer because of it. They often confide in each other every night, discussing work, future plans, money-saving strategies, women, and sometimes delving into slightly sensitive topics.

Sometimes the sensitive topics they discuss day by day make things even more awkward, especially Yuko. For example, when Hiromi asks about sex, Hiromi is anxious about finding a girlfriend or woman. Yuko tries to be calm with her son because the conversations sometimes cross the line. However, it's just a topic that makes things temporarily awkward. After that, they would joke around with each other and the atmosphere would return to normal.

But will these enjoyable days last?

One day Hiromi accidentally saw his mother naked because his mother was changing clothes. And since then Hiromi couldn't get rid of thoughts about his mother. Hiromi sleeps in the same bed as his mother, right? After all, Hiromi is also a man, something could happen, right?

Game is avaialble for Windows
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How to install:
1. Extract and run.
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