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Game update on 17/06/2024. Created by NoodleJacuzziwith html. Available for download in en.

Syrup Town is a game inspired by comfy titles built off of an upgraded engine I use for my other games such as Hentai University. You've won a free home in an idyllic town populated by animal folk, but really you're here to spread your human pheromones around the town and trigger a breeding season! Make friends, find cool collectables, and have sex with as many lust-addled villagers as possible!
The game includes both male and female villagers, however characters with and without dicks can be disabled from the very start for a completely meat-free or sausage-fest experience.
This game focuses on Anthro and furry characters, though a non-furry shortstack-focused modified version is also in development.

AI Disclaimer:
SpoilerThis game's assets were made using AI generation tools! This isn't a secret, the games I've made, including this one, Human Alteration App, and Hentai University, are not meant to piggyback off of the works of other artists, they are just the results of my limitations as a programmer and a writer trying to produce fun content. This content is available entirely for free anywhere, if you appreciate my games for the art or clips they use, please support artists instead of me!

Game is avaialble for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
2dCG, ahegao, anal sex, anthro, corruption, furry, gay, groping, male domination, male protagonist, futa/trans protagonist, oral sex, sex toys, teasing, text-based, trap
How to install:
1. Extract from .rar file.
2. Run the included index.html file with your browser, preferably firefox/chrome.

OR (to download & play on android)

1. Download the .apk file.
2. Move to the downloaded file's location.
3. Install the .apk file, choosing "install from unknown sources" if necessary.
4. Run the installed Syrup Town app.

OR (online play)

1. Use the online link
2. Play
Developer comments:
Salutations, my name is NoodleJacuzzi. I'm the author of quite a few games now, such as Hentai University, Human Alteration App, and Rainy DayZ, and today I present to you Syrup Town!

Syrup Town includes:
- A peaceful and cozy town to explore full of beautiful locations. Wander the town as a dominant human surrounded by very receptive bottoms. While currently you can only play as a character with a penis, you can have either a masculine or feminine appearance, and the way characters react to you and the clothes you wear will reflect this.
- Vegetarian Mode, a no-meat option to enjoy a town filled with anthro animal girls and plow pussy to your heart's content!
- Carnivore Mode, a meat-only experience where you top townsfolk equipped with a variety of splurt-sticks! Note that this is not a true gay experience, as there exist several female penis-havers in the cast.
- An anthro artstyle that will have you ranging from "Aww" to "I want to plap that"! Due to the animal crossing influence, characters are designed to be cute, but please note there is no content depicting underaged or cub content in game. Every member of the cast is of age and consensually engages in lewd acts with you.
- A variety of hot and ready genitals, ranging from soaked pussies to huge cocks, and meaty buttholes that range from cute lil' puckers to meaty donuts and everything in between! While most genitalia depicted is humanoid in nature, one character has a canine pussy, and dicks include uncut cocktail shrimps, massive bitchbreakers, knotted canine dicks, and ringed-horsecocks.
- An even wider variety of fetishes. As your presence sends the townsfolk into heat and the town falls further into depravity, expect to see anal, impregnation, knotted sex toys, and more! Many fetishes are character-specific, such as Marlow the squirrel-boi who loves to be feminized and have his tiny clitty humiliated, or Madame Sharly who dips her paw into femdom here and there.

If you do enjoy the game, you can find everything else I've ever made here on my master index here:

As you can probably tell, this game is extremely NSFW! Please engage with this content responsibly. As updates continue a larger variety of cast members will be included, please feel free to suggest ideas or make requests as you please!

One last thing before you finish scrolling and play: Please note that the images used in this game were generated by Stable Diffusion, this game uses AI-generated art!
I have a longer and much more comprehensive disclaimer in the game itself, but the short of it is that my games are not meant to piggyback off of the works of other artists, they are just the results of my limitations as a programmer and a writer trying to produce fun content.

The tool I used to generate the images was A1111:

The checkpoint I used is a version of Easyfluff, specifically v11.2, available here:
(please note you also need the CFGrescale extension)

I used a LoRa model I trained myself on the works of Syuro. You can download it here:

I encourage everyone who plays my games to only support me if the code, structure, or writing of my games appeals to them.

Thank you very much for reading, even if we have our disagreements, so long as you're respectful I'll treat you with respect in return. Please leave a comment, message me via discord, or email me at [email protected] if you have any advice, feedback, or criticisms. I appreciate them all!
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3.27 GBRAR2/5/2024
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533 MBRAR2/5/2024
Syrup Town v1-aa5711...aa5711.apk
556 MBAPK2/5/2024

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