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Halls of the Pale Widow 1.00

Game update on 30/05/2024. Created by Krasue Games. Available for download in en.

Within these old halls, the spirit of a woman roams. She thirsts for the blood of men and is unrelenting in her pursuit. Can you escape the Pale Widow or will you succumb to her desires?
Spoiler: FeaturesProcedurally Generated Environments – Roam a procedurally generated dungeon that recreates itself each time the game is started, ensuring each run is different.
Collection Horror – Explore and collect various items that will aid you as the Widow’s pursuit grows stronger.
Retro Style - Styled after games specifically from the 6th generation of video game consoles (PS2, XBox etc.)
Unlock Gear and Cosmetics – Earn points through your repeated attempts to unlock tools or additional content.
To Purify or to Die – Unlock H-Scenes and view them either when purifying the Widow’s spirit or when losing to her.
Freemode – Tired of running around a maze? Unlock Freemode to view the animated H-Scenes in a safe environment.
3D Game, Voiced, Male Protagonist, Horror, Paranormal, Graphic violence, PoV, Female domination, Vaginal sex, Male domination
How to install:
1. Extract and run.
Developer comments:
Hello and thank you for taking interest in this game. This game was created as a two-week project that extended to around three and a half for polish and additional features. As I wanted to get this out sooner rather than later there are some known issues but nothing game-breaking:

-Doors will sometimes appear on walls but won’t lead anywhere. This won’t block any paths, but is a bit of a pain.
-Some of the environment pieces will clip into each other resulting in z-fighting and other visual glitches.
-The unlockable bunny outfit clips with the Widow’s body during certain animations.

There are some non-bug related issues such as balancing, so the game may either seem too easy or too hard. Regardless, please enjoy.

Guide (Only use this if you’re having trouble):
SpoilerYou need to collect five keys and find the exit to unlock the door. Once you’ve unlocked Purification in the shop (unlock this ASAP), you can instead look for two keys and the “Gun Emblem” to open the chest near the exit. Inside the chest is a weapon that, once collected, will start a fight phase with the Widow. When she’s been defeated you can then purify her for extra points and an animated scene. Purification is the best way to earn points.

Check the map (M) and try to figure out where you are. Use Scanners only when you need to. “Strange Bottles” are scattered about that can stagger the ghost letting you escape easily. Unlock both key detection tools as early as you can to make finding keys easy. So long as you collect some keys, dying will still net you some money but only a very small amount.

If you're having issues outrunning the Widow, make sure to close doors behind you to break line-of-sight. If you need some extra speed, try crouch jumping while sprinting.
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