List of games tagged with horror

Death by Mixer

Death by Mixer v1.0

2024-06-11 22:33:46
Going to your favourite bar, with your long-time friend and a few definitely not unstable young and ...

Breeders 0.0.12

2024-06-08 13:30:22
Monsters conquered the world and human life changed significantly. Find your place in a world filled...

Malignant 0.2

2024-06-05 18:48:06
Overview:Garrett Ross receives the worst news of his life, and it’s only the start of his troubles. ...
Death Moon

Death Moon 1.0.3

2024-06-04 18:48:09
You awaken in a luxurious, yet dark and creepy mansion with 8 other strangers. Before you can grasp ...
Solace Inc.

Solace Inc.

2024-06-03 13:42:32
Solace Inc. is a survivors-like where you recruit your employees against endless hordes of enemies. ...

Greenhouse 0.61

by Ekull
2024-06-01 17:09:04
You're a lone anthro dragon tasked with finding 3 missing college friends. To do so, you'll have to ...
Abandoned Void

Abandoned Void v2.1.1

2024-06-01 05:58:26
Nicole wakes up in a strange and dark place. Totally confused, and with nothing more than a flashlig...
Tim's Adventures

Tim's Adventures 0.1.0

2024-05-31 02:35:08
This is the story of Tim, a boy who lives a quiet and lonely life with his father. For work reasons,...
Phantom Girls: Ghostbuster

Phantom Girls: Ghostbuster Final

2024-05-30 18:08:51
Immerse yourself in "Phantom Girls: Ghostbuster", an adult FPS horror game where sensuality meets ho...
Halls of the Pale Widow

Halls of the Pale Widow 1.00

2024-05-30 13:11:41
Within these old halls, the spirit of a woman roams. She thirsts for the blood of men and is unrelen...
Haunted Inheritance

Haunted Inheritance 0.01

by Altris
2024-05-29 04:09:34
You play the role of a man that recently was informed his estranged grandfather passed away and left...
Five Lustful Nights

Five Lustful Nights

2024-05-27 23:24:24
Five Lustful Nights is a parody of Five Nights at Freddy's. This game revolves around several "Sexy"...
Mad Island

Mad Island 2024-05-23

2024-05-26 11:13:15
You and four friends are enjoying a cruise ride when the boat collides with a rock and sinks.You wak...
Wrestling Dynasty

Wrestling Dynasty 0.1

2024-05-25 02:10:24
"Wrestling Dynasty" is a text-based, narrative heavy, slow burn romance harem game. It features heav...

HavenForEmma 1.0

2024-05-24 15:07:37
Haven For Emma is a first-person game. You find yourself in the role of a young guy who has received...
Fremy's Nightclub

Fremy's Nightclub v1.7B

2024-05-19 10:41:36
Fremy's Nightclub is a rework of the Fuck Nights at Fremy's game.​Game is avaialble for Windows...
Dimitrescu's Trial

Dimitrescu's Trial Release

2024-05-17 14:29:06
In the eerie and atmospheric world of Resident Evil, many men have faced the formidable challenge kn...

D-Zone 1.02

2024-05-16 11:08:32
In the year 20XX, a mutant virus similar to rabies emerged, transforming a certain city into hell. B...
Exorcise a Schoolgirl Spirit!

Exorcise a Schoolgirl Spirit! 1.11

2024-05-13 11:30:46
Let's catch and exorcise a schoolgirl evil spirit!A game of tag where you try to catch the evil spir...

Profiler 0.1

2024-05-12 06:34:39
Following a mysterious accident in your childhood that resulted in the loss your parents, you were a...
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