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The Blue County v0.1.0

Game update on 02/04/2024. Created by MiloHaze FetishFactorywith renpy. Available for download in en.

What could happen when you are young, successful, unscrupulous, and (almost) everyone in town is afraid of you? What could go so wrong?
Ummm... everything.
When he gains self-confidence, arrogance, and courage, all the things that in excess lead to a quick downfall, the most logical thing happens...
After a brief stint at the top, the young man falls from the highest right into the bucket of shit. And he sinks up to his neck...
The Youngest Hitman Jason is sent to cover and sit low after all the trouble he's caused for his organization.
Will he manage to have a clear understanding of what he did wrong?
Will he be able to extricate himself from the problems he created for himself?
Will he be more humble and calm?
Or will he continue to paddle through life with all his might, as he has done so far?
Like never before, it's all up to you! Play and explore the world through Jason's eyes, choosing between two paths to solve his problems!

Game is avaialble for Windows, Linux, Android
3DCG, Male protagonist, Rape, Mind control, Masturbation, Blackmail, Corruption, Drugs, Humiliation, Forced, Incest, Male domination, Stripping, Forced Stripping, Hard spanking, Mobile game.

Upcoming fetishes: Foot worship(kind of), Scat/Forced scat(Avoidable), Pissing/Forced pissing(Avoidable), Beastiality(Avoidable).
How to install:
1. Download The Blue County [v0.1.0].
2. Extract and run.
3. Delete previous install if the game won't run.
Developer comments:
"Blue County"-0.1.0-Founder's edition is BETA and EA(Early access). The game is not ready. Why BETA? Very simple!
  1. It's not ready. The sound is 60% ready(yes, the game is almost fully sound, but not music). I don't insert music for two reasons... the first one is I don't have money for a decent track. The free one is absolute shit and garbage. The second one is because of.... artistic purposes. You'll see. I'll be happy for feedback.
  2. The proofreading is around 40-45% ready, so be nice. That won't be the final version.
In conclusion - I'm working on 0.1.5 with one additional scene (which closed the real end for the first part) and I'll publish it as soon as it's ready. I hope the script will be ready too. Have a nice fap!

A few words by the author
​Dear friends, I bring to your attention my peak, my most favorite and beloved project, which I have been preparing since 2021.
Well... I present to you. I won't go into detail and explain what's happening, what's going on, and why. Those who follow me know very well.
What I'm suggesting now is that you decide if you want to support me, and as a thank you, you get a free demo to give you an idea of what you might expect.
If you like it, then just now, for a limited period, you could be among the first to purchase the game at the special 50% discount. That way you get the "Blue County"- Founder's edition and (you'll get) the full, complete game with no payments for updates and such bullshits.
What you'll get, players on Steam will get when I post it there as well.
The offer will be valid until the next update comes out. Then the price goes back to its original version of 11.99$.
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1.01 GBZIP3/3/2024
1.02 GBAPK3/3/2024

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