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I SCREAM Chapter

Game update on 18/11/2023. Created by FunDiwith renpy. Available for download in en.

2046, post-WWIII nation. You spent your childhood locked in the basement.
After the rescue, you ended up at the Institution for Abused Children and befriended its outcasts.
A day before leaving, your friend committed suicide...
Why are you still able to see her?

Game is avaialble for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
3DCG, Blackmail, Corruption, Creampie, Dystopian Setting, Groping, Sexual harassment, Harem, Male Domination, Male Protagonist, Mind Control, Multiple Endings, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Rape, Romance, Vaginal Sex
How to install:
1. Extract and run.
Developer comments:
I hope all of you enjoy I SCREAM! The game is brought to you with the support of my Patreon!

If there's something you love and hate, let me know, and I will learn from it. Comments and likes on the page are always appreciated!

Full Synopsis:
You were born in an Asian nation-state, created from the pieces of the world after WWIII. Confined by serial killer parents, you spent seven years in a basement with no contact with the outside world. When they were arrested, you were moved to the institution, where you made friends with four girls and one boy.

The most bullied children.

Your group planned to leave the facility as soon as all of you turned legal age, and requested a transfer to the university. On your long-anticipated day of release, Saya, one of your friends, committed suicide.

Why are you still able to see her... and hear her screams? What do you really know about your friends?

Detailed Character Descriptions:
Protagonist: Antihero
Diagnosis: Derealization Disorder

The protagonist is the child of serial killers, notorious for preying on wealthy parents and keeping their kids alive. His life in confinement over seven years has left him suffering from derealization disorder, feeling isolated from his thoughts, feelings, and environment and operating only by instinct. Never having interacted with anyone except his captors before coming to the facility, he is unable to understand what motivates him or how his actions affect those around him. Though unsure what loyalty is or why it exists, he is devoted to his friends, which makes them forgiving when he does bad things. More often than not, his peers view him as an antihero. Instead of being the one in need of protection, his group serves to protect others from him.

Rika: Exercise Nutjob
Diagnosis: Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Rika is a driven girl, with an intense and obsessive love for sports. Her body dysmorphic disorder has caused her to become highly focused on the way she looks. Rika's emotional distress and trauma often manifest as physical symptoms, leading her to exercise obsessively in order to keep the pain at bay. She is physically stronger than most boys her age, but due she was cast away from those around her as a physical nutjob. Rika believes that if she ever stops exercising or gains weight, her mother will come back to kill her.

Akane: Paranoic
Diagnosis: Capgras Delusion, Erotomania

Akane's paranoia has been diagnosed as capgras delusion, convinced that those closest to her are impostors out to cause her harm. This has led to possessive jealousy and a willingness to resort to violence in order to maintain the tight-knit group. She believes strangers desire her and will take advantage of any sign of weakness on her part. Therefore, Akane stays close to the Protagonist, believing that someone as cold and detached as him cannot be easily replaced by an infiltrator.

Yoko (and Toko): Actress
Diagnosis: Dissociative Identity Disorder

No one knows which version of Yoko is the true one. All her friends know is that she has a dissociative identity disorder with two distinct personalities, both extreme. Her friends use the names Yoko and Toko to differentiate between them. Yoko believes she is in a dark reality show and only does what she thinks the viewers would enjoy. Toko has a Stockholm Syndrome-like dependency on her older sister, who abducted her after murdering their parents. Whenever Toko has control, she can only think about what her sister would want and suffers anxiety attacks when she realizes her sister isn't around.

Saya: Ghost
Diagnosis: Cotard Delusion

Saya is a small girl with a cotard delusion, thinking she is already dead because she cannot remember anything before arriving at the facility. She joins the protagonist group in order to avoid being bullied, too scared of the pain that would come from standing up for herself. As everyone's friendship grows and they get closer despite all the trauma, Saya feels incredibly guilty for having deceived them by her inability to remember her own. The guilt has driven Saya to commit suicide, one day before the group is due to be transferred to the university, not wanting to poison their relationship any longer.

Kaori: Teacher
Diagnosis: Hyperthymestic Syndrome

Kaori is a teacher at the lowest rank university of the nation-state, which was established to give students from the bottom of society some basic education and keep them away from other areas. Having grown up in the Children's Institution, Kaori eventually became a teacher, believing that only someone who had been through what she had could fully help those in similar situations. However, due to her hyperthumestic syndrome—which makes her an academic genius—Kaori struggles with flashbacks depicting her painful past in every excruciating detail. When these resurface, they make it hard for her to regulate her emotions and can cause her to become uncontrollably depressed.

Arina: Councilor
Diagnosis: Impostor Syndrome

Arina is a physician and psychatrist by trade, known on the medical scene as a bottomfeeder who only helps those at the bottom of society. She has made it her mission to care for the most difficult cases in the nation-state, leading her to become a counsellor to the children's facility, university and communities of society's rejects. It is uncertain what motivates Arina, but all she knows is that she's an impostor who doesn't deserve anyone's respect. Since everything she puts her hands to usually turns out for the worse, she sees herself as a useless existence, and hopes that even a fraud like her could really help someone.

Niko: Crybaby
Diagnosis: Pseudobulbar Affect

Niko is the only bro you have, but he's not of much use. He suffers from pseudobulbar affect, a disorder that causes him to cry or laugh out loud when faced with intense emotions. With his delicate attitude, Niko fails to confront any conflict and needs other people to step in and help him out. Due to his good looks and personality, Niko would likely be successful if he faces the outside world independently, however, without the help of the group, he will almost certainly be taken advantage of. As a defensive mechanism, he completes any favours for his group, no matter what-to be of any use.

Karin: Stalker
Diagnosis: Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Karin was the chief bully in the institution, and her attention had been directed towards the Protagonist's group for some unknown purpose. Driven by extreme narcissism, she and her peons stalked anyone who seemed to threaten her. This led Karin to develop a compulsive desire to break apart the close-knit group of friends. Learning about their transfer to university, Karin secretly applied to follow them without telling her group. For reasons unknown, she decided that she would pursue them into their new lives.
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