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Cuckold Princess Final

Game update on 12/11/2023. Created by POISON. Available for download in en, cn.

A love romance with an adored princess and a benevolent queen. But behind the scenes, the heroine is cuckolded. The child she carries is a different color from her own hair and eyes! Heroine meeting another man behind her husband's self. It is full of such endings.​

Game is avaialble for Windows
2DCG, Adventure, Ahegao, Anal sex, BDSM, Big tits, Bukkake, Censored, Cheating, Creampie, Exhibitionism, Fantasy, Female domination, Handjob, Humiliation, Incest, Interracial, Japanese game, Lesbian, Male protagonist, Masturbation, Monster, Monster girl, Multiple endings, Multiple penetration, Netorare, Oral sex, Pregnancy, Rape, Sex toys, Spanking, Tentacles, Titfuck, Urination, Vaginal sex, Virgin, Voiced,
How to install:
1. Extract and run.
Developer comments:
【About the game】
◆ Caution ◆
All in-game text has been translated using machine translation.

◆Motion Events◆
Some event scenes use motion animation to create a more realistic effect than ever before.
All event scenes do not include motion.

Princess Elencia, the flower of the kingdom, whom you met by fate, traveled together, and swore to protect for life.
The story is about Princess Elencia, the flower of the kingdom, whom you met by fate, traveled with, and vowed to protect for the rest of your life.
Nadia, Erencia's mother and the beautiful mother of the kingdom, who saved her own life.
The adventurous days that ensued as a result of saving the princess. The hero protects the kingdom to save the heroines.
What he really wanted was his beloved princess, but what he got was only an illusion.
The hero, who gains status and honor, loses only one thing. He loses the woman he loves.
The evil hand of desire approaches the woman he longed for, dated, and became lovers with! Under the eyes of men with various "proclivities" and "proclivities," these women sit in the lap of lust and are exposed to the gaze of men.
They are lewdly made to sit on the throne.

The heroine who can do nothing but watch over them as they are corrupted by the lust of men.

A fantasy AVG with a happy ending!

Japanese voice is included.



Height: 158cm
Three sizes: 92/57/83
Hobby: Singing
Favorite food: sweets from the store where she ate with Mars (things she can eat with her hands)
Dislikes: Anything that takes a lot of time and effort to eat.

Princess of the Kingdom of Liberline.
She is known as the "Jewel of Liberline" for her good looks, and is easily recognized for her self-confidence.

She is popular among the people because of her fast-paced personality and her cheerful and vivacious personality in front of others.
However, when she is surrounded only by her family members, she plays or lounges around, and Nadia gets angry with her.
She loves to buy food and eat, which Mars taught her how to do. (He likes to eat, sleep, and play.)


Height: 163cm
Three sizes: 101/62/94
Hobby: Making cocktails
Favorite food: Alcoholic beverages (I especially like fruit-based drinks such as wine and pranday)
Dislikes: strong-smelling food

Queen and supreme power of Liberline, which has just lost its king.
She is a demure, busty beauty with long platinum blonde hair.
Since the king's death, she has not put herself out much and is doing her best to rebuild the country.
She is deeply troubled by the tyranny of Minister Mussalu.


Height: 170 cm
Three sizes: 75/56/78
Hobbies: Knitting
Favorite food: Sweet and salty food (actually, she has a child's taste buds)
Dislikes: Fatty foods (if they are too fatty, she gets sick)

He is the leader of the Weissritter, a Kingsguard knight order that has served the Kingdom of Liberline for a long time.
She is a slender and slender female elf knight with beautiful and glossy black hair.

Her character is earnest and romantic, seeking dreams and ideals.
She is a bit of a klutz.

She was transferred to the left because she failed to protect the king in the defense battle a year ago.
Since she was under house arrest, she was able to go to the rescue of Elencia.


Height: 165cm
Three sizes: 84/60/85
Hobbies: Playing with her younger brother
Favorite food: younger brother, cute girls
Dislikes food: Both men and women, I eat without likes or dislikes.

A female mage in the service of Prince Legado of the Principality of Selenia.
Her true identity is Meryl-Lionel, the sister that Mars is looking for.
She is half-assimilated with tentacles, and when her hood is removed, there is a stretchable fusion hand embedded in her back.
She is of medium build. As a former warrior, she has a firm (well-trained) body.
When he is standing by the prince's side, he is basically silent.
When he is away from the prince and takes off his hood, his comical tone of voice gives way to a diabolical personality.
His purpose is to...


Height: 162cm
Three sizes: 80/58/79

The two-faced deputy leader of Weisslitter.
A serious, bespectacled committee chairperson character.
On the surface, she is a very capable deputy. On the flip side, he is a stalker who loves Iris.
He is aware of his perversion, so he is perfectly disguised.
He is also determined not to touch Iris, as he is proud of it.

His treasures are Iris goods (towels, underwear, etc., which he exchanges for new ones under the guise of washing them.
She collects goods legally by taking advantage of her position.)

Her body is rather slender. But her breasts are large and she is tall. Her pigmentation is light.


Height: 167cm
Three sizes: 88/64/90

She is a soft and relaxed, healing older sister. She is a member of Weissritter.
Her race is a beastman (rabbit), and her abilities as a knight are good.

She is a positive and cheerful mood maker. (She loves sex.
She loves sex and is unique among Weissritter knights, many of whom are virgins.

She is the center of sex talk among the group members.
She has a nice, plump body.


Height: 145cm
Three sizes: 71/50/73

She is a hardworking new knight, but her head is a disappointment.
He is a member of Weissritter. His race is a beastman (cat).
Basically, he is serious and hardworking, but he understands how cute he is.


Erencia: Kosuzu Fuyumine
Nadia: Saya Nonomura
Iris: Kasumi Okudera
Merrill: Ai Yoshinaka
Bianca: Chii Hazama
Rose: Rito Tsukinaga
Marron: Yachi Shiori

◆Game Specifications◆

・Click to read novel game.
・Heroine full voice
・CG mode
・Scene recollection
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4.36 GB7Z1/10/2023

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