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Blade Maidens v1.0.2

Game update on 05/11/2023. Created by TorinoSunaki. Available for download in en.

The brave hero Lux embarked on a journey to defeat the demon king together with the Blade Maidens; Honoka and Himeka. However, right at the brink of victory, the demon king placed a curse on Lux. Honoka and Himeka now must find a way to save Lux, but at what cost…​

Game is avaialble for Windows
2DCG, 2Dgame, Japanese game, Female protagonist, Monster, Netorare, Cheating, Fantasy,Creampie, Rpg, Sandbox, Oral Sex, Vaginal sex, Anal Sex, Rape, Voiced , Big Tits, Pregnancy, Tentacles, Animated, Internal view ,Combat, Multiple Protagonist, Masturbation
How to install:
1. Extract and run.
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1.58 GBRAR0/10/2023

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