LustHole University screenshotLustHole University screenshotLustHole University screenshotLustHole University screenshotLustHole University screenshotLustHole University screenshot
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LustHole University 0.0.1

Game update on 26/07/2023. Created by SenshiSanwith html. Available for download in en.

You are a freshman at LustHole University, after moving to this prestigious school you forgot to save some money and ends up in a run-down apartment complex. Will you manage to survive and overcome the struggles of a university student or Dropout?​

Game is avaialble for Windows


Corruption, Futa/Trans ,School Setting, Big Tits, Big Ass, Group Sex, Lesbian, Creampie Vaginal Sex, Anal Sex, Male Protagonist, Futa/Trans Protagonist, Sandbox, Textbased, Voyeurism, Realporn, Masturbation, Rape, Incest, Transformation

Planned tags: Mind Control, Drugs, Sissification

How to install:

1. Extract the game (the rar package)
2. Extract the images (the rar package)
3. Move the extracted folder images to sit next to the HTML file in the main folder
4. Open the html file in your browser of choice

Developer comments:

Planned Updates for the Future
  1. More fleshed out School System(first period, second period, break period, study period, extra-curricular events(tied to feminization or corruption and social standing as well)
  2. More Random events
  3. More Jobs and Events relating to the said jobs
  4. More Places to go to and events tied to those places
  5. Dialogue Box API for more immersion
  6. Incest with Older Sister
  7. Better Apartments
  8. More food
  9. More drinks
  10. Random r*pes when the character becomes feminine enough
  11. Clothing stats that prevent PC from wearing if not feminine or corrupted enough
  12. Feminine events for PC
  13. Relationships with NPCs
  14. NPC schedules
  15. Feminine clothes store
  16. Sex Toy store
  17. Mirror system to carry changes over to pc character like (bigger boobs, hips, smaller waist, musculature, etc)
  18. Dice roll to balance stat gain (to increase grind hopefully not by too much)
  19. Laptop item to browse porn in game
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45.5 MBRAR0/6/2023

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