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Saint Maribel Final

Game update on 23/03/2022. Created by Azucat. Available for download in en.

Maribel is a Sister of the Cathedral Church and a conformist of the Holy Sword Farwell
One day, Queen Succubus, who was supposed to be defeated by Sister Alicia, t
he conformist and nurturer of the previous generation, was resurrected
Succubus charms a priest whom Maribel adores in order to defeat the holy sword wielder
To lift the curse, Maribel sets out on a journey to defeat the succubus.​

Game is avaialble for Windows
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How to install:
1. Extract and run.
Developer comments:
All the girls who appear are naughty !?

■ Saint Maribel
Raised in the Monastery of Saint Lucia, a collection of unaffiliated children. She is kind and treats everyone indiscriminately. She likes the priest she grew up with. She heads for the succubus castle, which is infested with monsters, to help the succubus-cursed priest.

■ Queen Succubus
Defeated by Alicia using the predecessor Farwell, but revived. He is increasing his minions from the castle that was destroyed in the war to Nejo. His words and deeds are young and a little stupid? He feels a threat to the Holy Swordsman and fascinates and attacks the priest.

■ Tanya
A wandering merchant. He was a dark elf who originally lived in an elf forest. He was disgusted by the old tradition and left the village. He occasionally returns home and sells naughty magical tools that he has procured in remote areas, disturbing the elf's morals. He is on the side of adventurers who open shops even in dangerous dungeons.

■ Alchemi A
genius metamorphosis alchemist. He believes in the potential of potions and devotes himself to his research. She is said to gain tremendous power when she drinks the potions she makes. Sexual harassment for young girls is a hobby and requires Maribel to breastfeed and pee as a material
Evolution of Metroidvania-style action RPG

■ Action RPG
The dungeon consists of a battle stage where you fight against enemies, a break stage with Alchemi and Tanya, and a stage with hidden treasure chests. Defeat enemies, collect mana, and acquire powerful skills and abilities. A powerful magic tool by training magic tools. Have Alchemi make a potion and level up. Let's challenge a strong enemy

■ Character make -up
Character make-up is even more powerful. Including the color change pattern of one costume, the change in body shape is also one of the largest in the history of the coterie. You can introduce the concept of accessories and create more unique characters. Sister-themed costumes will be added more and more in updates (* There are few at the time of release)

■ Etch scene
If you lose in the battle stage, you will move to the etch scene (even if you clear it normally, you can see it from the flashback scene). If the other party is a monster, there will be merciless insults!
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