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Blue Swallow 0.1b

Game update on 30/04/2023. Created by Blue Swallowwith html. Available for download in en.

Claire is a normal girl in a normal world, just living life. Without warning, her life becomes upended. She is recruited to save her country.

No training, no experience, but now a spy with everything on the line.

You control the action of our main protagonist, our heroine who has been thrust from a normal life into going undercover to save her family and save her country.

Who is she?
How did she end up in this position?
Will she succeed?

...What will she have to do to accomplish her mission?

YOU decide.​

Game is avaialble for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS
2dcg, Text-based, Female protagonist, Character creation, Adventure, RPG, Vaginal sex, Creampie, Pregnancy
How to install:
Extract and run.
Developer comments:
Spoiler: 0.1bOriginally available on 5-5-23

*Bug fixes
*QoL improvements like Dark Mode in SettingsSpoiler: 0.1 ReleaseDropped on 4-30-23
And here we go!
Here's the 0.1 release for your consumption.
It comprises a majority of the character creation and setting the scene.
0.2 will see the following development of the story:

* Our protagonist fleshes out her group of friends and cohort in the school
* She puts the finishing touches on who she is and how she interrelates with others
* She gets to have a few experiences tailored to her choices so far, including Prom!
* We find out who she's been with, if anyone, and who they are
* We'll end with her decision on college, a gap year, or neither
* And a surprise...

* Improvements and expansion of the Paperdoll
* More art assets
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Blue Swallow
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