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Abyss Diver Interactive v0.9.6.1

Game update on 13/05/2023. Created by FloricSpacerwith html. Available for download in en.

You've somehow found yourself at Outset Town, on the edge of an enormous hole that goes deep into the ground. No one knows how deep it goes and no one knows what lies in the deepest layers of the Abyss. What people do know is that there are incredible wonders to be found, but also a corrupting miasma that infuses the entire area. No one who ventures deep into the Abyss comes out looking the same way they went in.
Now, you have a chance to explore the Abyss and see what you can discover, and see the costs you'll need to pay for those discoveries.​

Game is avaialble for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
2dcg, Text Based, Male Protagonist, Female Protagonist, Futa/Trans, Futa/Trans Protagonist, Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, Monster, Twins, Mind Control, Monster Girl, Bestiality, Corruption, Creampie, Oral Sex, Parody, Pregnancy, Rape, Transformation, Vaginal Sex, Big Ass, Big Tits, Lactation, Tentacles, Trap, Vore, Mobile game, Rpg, Sandbox
How to install:
1. Extract and run.
Developer comments:
Open the html file in your browser. Firefox is recommended, as I've seen issues with saves on Chrome and images on Safari. Joiplay is recommended for Android.

This was originally an interactive adaptation of a text-based CYOA from an author who requested to remain anonymous, but the project has somewhat grown beyond the scope of a direct adaptation at this point, as there are significant amounts of scenes/content that were not in the original image CYOA. I'm also seeking continual feedback about what features people would like to see added to the game! Please join the Discord server if you're interested in keeping up with development, suggesting features, reporting bugs/typos, and asking any questions. The developers are quite active on Discord and will respond to you promptly.
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