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After Colony 250 0.15

Game update on 10/10/2021. Created by After Colony Gameswith html. Available for download in en.

It is the dawn of the second age of mankind, taking the first steps into living off world and become a truly multi-planet species. The global resource wars of the mid-21st Century, limited nuclear exchanges, border skirmishes, coups at the highest levels of government. The dwindling, declining population of Earth was at breaking point. From the break of destruction, arose a planetary government that took drastic measures, putting the last of the resources of humanity into a moon shot, literally, to mine and harvest the resources. The petty interest of despots fell to the side, as humanity suffered and was no more than a century away from potential extinction. It was a bloody period, disaster after disaster, tragedy after tragedy.
SpoilerBut humanity prevailed, Luna became a thriving colony, with an abundance of helium-3 allowing the small colonies to thrive, while providing Earth with the energy needed. Mars, though further away, overcame the hardships of the environment, becoming a center for innovation and technical development. From the brink, to a interplanetary species within two decades. But humans were always humans, and the greed over resources and power became all too apparent, the people of Mars demanding independence from Earth, the people living within the resource rich asteroid belts, feeling oppressed by both. It was a powder keg that blew over into a full blown inter-space war. Despite this, the past one hundred years have been relatively peaceful, but something threatens to upset the balance soon.

You play Kayla Sheridan, a bright young student with an equally bright young future ahead of her. You'll face dangerous situations, assassination attempts, mind control, transformations and all sorts of horrors during your adventures, leading to choices that'll having lasting consequences for Earth and the entire human race for millennia.

Game is avaialble for Windows, Mac, Linux
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140 MBRAR1/4/2023

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