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Obscure Affairs v3.40 Ultimate Edition

Game update on 08/07/2021. Created by sn00pwith renpy. Available for download in en.

Obscure Affairs is about you, and only you! Going through some rough times, a failed marriage which lasted a few years and ended up in a night, but some time after you managed to get over it and start over, this time from zero, and hope you get back those years of youth which you lost, and somehow you managed to do that, but we'll see how that goes...
Spoiler: More InfoGameplay
The game is built on the choices you make, leading to different outcomes for each of the characters. You can also customize each of the characters you're interacting with, building each one of them the way you imagine it! It's up to you after all...

Through the game you'll meet different characters, some may affect the outcome of the story, some may not...

The Characters
Most of the characters will be fully customizable, like their relationship to you, their name, age, or nicknames depend on the character.
(Below you can find a short description about them, those are canon names, but you can change them in-game if you wish.)

MC - Or the Main Character of Obscure Desires, he went through a lot in the last years, but he finally managed to get that divorce, even though he was left with almost nothing, somehow he managed to find a cheap rent with some students and moved in with them for a while.

LEAH - She's mostly done with the years of college, goes to the same college as Eliza, they met in the first years and remained best friends all along the years, both of them moved together after a while, as for Leah, she's a bit different, her two sides show up often and MC may or may not like them...

ELIZA - Quite different from Leah, but even through with these differences they're still the best friends to have around, ready to help whenever they can, as for her, she's a mystery, each day with her feels like a new one and at the end of the day you're thinking you met someone new, that's just her...

DIANA & ALICE - Both of them are quite inseparable. They moved here from the other side of the country. When they arrived at the train station they bumped into Leah, from there it's another story. Let's just say they were housemates after just one week. As for them, they grew up together in the same block and once they were done with school, both of them went to the same college, hoping that, here people wouldn't laugh at them because of their look and because they are inseparable...
Features / Fetishes
- Enhanced FullHD Visuals
- Customizable Characters
- Different Outcomes for choices and Character Paths
- Animated Scenes in FullHD
- Multiple Choices
- POV Scenes
- Lesbian / BDSM / Feet / Ass / Licking
- Group Sex (Based on Choices)

Game is avaialble for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Animated, 3DCG, Male Protagonist, Male Domination, Female Domination, handjob, Oral Sex, Foot Job, Teasing, Loli
How to install:
- Download the latest build for PC/LINUX or MAC
- Extract .zip file
- Play

For Android
- Download the latest .apk file
- Copy the file in your phone (anywhere)
- On your phone, browse to the file and install it (It may ask you to install from unknown apps)
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