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I'm Still Fighting to Buy her Sex Tapes screenshotI'm Still Fighting to Buy her Sex Tapes screenshotI'm Still Fighting to Buy her Sex Tapes screenshotI'm Still Fighting to Buy her Sex Tapes screenshotI'm Still Fighting to Buy her Sex Tapes screenshot

I'm Still Fighting to Buy her Sex Tapes Final

Game update on 07/06/2024. Created by wandowando. Available for download in en.

Aion is an adventurer who protects the town. He was saving up money by doing dangerous jobs to buy something. Meanwhile, his friend Grace, who works at a tool shop, shows him a gonzo video. It seems that he has decided to treat gonzo as a new product. While fighting the shock and desire within him, Aion earns money with his companions. How to use it…even he doesn’t know.​

Game is avaialble for Windows
2DCG, 2D Game, Adventure, Big Ass, Big Tits, Censored, Cheating, Creampie, Groping, Harem, Japanese Game, Male Protagonist, Netorare, Oral Sex, Sexual Harassment, Rape, RPG, Titfuck, Turn Based Combat, Vaginal Sex
How to install:
1. Extract and run.
Developer comments:
・Aion: Protagonist A budding adventurer. To be recognized as a member of the guild and to give gifts to important people, he takes on dangerous jobs today as well.
・Grace: Tool shop Aion's childhood friend. He is enthusiastic about business and is always looking for ways to make money. As part of that, he is planning to start selling sex videos. The girls in the guild are targeted...
・Diana: Knight The leader of the guild. A girl who grew up with Aion like a family and acts like an older sister to her. She dotes on Aion in a slightly overprotective way. ・Sarah: Magician The best magician in the guild. Diana's younger sister and good friends with Aion. She is cheerful and confident, but in many ways vulnerable. In battle, she uses powerful magic to quickly eliminate enemies.
・Ecclesia: Priest An excellent priest who works for both the church and the guild. She has a kind and gentle personality, but also loves alcohol, and is often looked after by Aion. In battle, she uses her healing skills to stabilize the fight.
・Aggrey: Fighter A tomboyish and competitive fighter. She has a bad way of speaking, but is a caring person. She has her eye on Aion as an adventurer, and often trains her. In battle, she makes full use of a variety of attack skills.
・Rina: Dancer A mysterious dancer from a faraway desert country. She also plays a role as a dancer in the guild, and heals everyone. In battle, she provides a wide variety of support as a dancer.
●Game system
You can choose one of the heroines as your partner to challenge the dungeon. You cannot bring equipment or items into the dungeon, and you cannot take them out of the dungeon either. Choose a route, repeatedly procure items on the spot, and aim for the boss. If you earn money through battles, you can buy useful options at the tool shop. Of course, that's not all they sell at the tool shop... How you spend the money you earn is up to you.
・27 basic CGs
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