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Treasure Island Build

Game update on 18/05/2024. Created by Puppetmaster3dxwith unrealengine. Available for download in en.

Treasure Island is an open-world adventure game where you can explore a vast and diverse environment,
both indoors and outdoors.
However, be cautious of numerous bugs and other surprising encounters.​

Game is avaialble for Windows
3d game, animated, female protagonist, big ass, big tits, vaginal sex, oral sex, sandbox, adventure, futa, groping, creampie, lesbian, interracial, group sex,
How to install:
1. Extract and run.
Developer comments:
Some Features in this version:
  • Environment: Enjoy the beautiful Environment, explore it, and be amazed! The performance is pretty optimized already. We tested it with an 8-year-old Laptop with Nvidia 1080 (mobile!) and it runs with 30-40fps in 1080p with a mix of medium & high settings.
  • Locomotion: we have walking, running, sprinting, climbing, rolling, aiming and swimming. Besides Swimming and Melee combat the rest is pretty much final. It was important for us to have at least the basic locomotion polished.
  • Camera modes: We have 3 different modes.
    - Behind the character with slight offset (left or right, you can choose), and when you turn the camera, the character turns as well
    - Directly behind the character, when you turn the camera you can turn around the character and check her from the front as well. The distance can be changed with the mouse wheel!
    - First Person Camera
  • Controllers: Early support for Controllers like xBox and even PS5!
  • Sophisticated Photo-Mode: => Please do take a lot of pictures and share them! <=
  • Basic Dialogue & Quest System
  • NPCs (Non-Player-Characters) with basic Behaviour AI. They can also see and hear you and react accordingly. And what´s really cool: they can climb as well!
  • Save & Load System
  • Ragdoll System: It is weirdly satisfying to constantly trigger it
  • Sex-Pose: If you finish the 2 quests, Trinity will grant you a favor
Planned features:
Exciting Story & Adventures within our Sensual Adventures Universe and beloved Characters. There will be more enemies, more Story, more Adventure, more Skills, Magic, ancient Artifacts, and of course a lot of Sex!
Brittany or Trinity as playable Characters! And you will encounter characters you already know and learn more about them in the game!
Relationship System & different Factions. You should not get caught cheating! If you mess up, you have to make it up!
Much bigger Map with your own House, Villages, ancient Temple Ruins, Caves, Mercenary Bases, Underwater, and much more!
Sandbox mode for Sex-Poses (similar to PoseViewer)
Polished Melee-Combat system
Skill-Tree to improve the skills you want (like Health, Stamina, Oxygen, Persuasion, etc.)
Shooting, magic Spells, Explosions
Particle Systems
Varied Wildlife in all Shapes and Forms and Elements. Including mystical Creatures!
Map, Minimap & Compas so you don´t get lost
Hunting, Fishing, and other leisure Activities. Also romantic ones
Interactive Foliage
Interactive Weather
Interactive Water
Interactive Audio (like reverb in Caves, different Footstep sounds on different surfaces, etc.)
Build your own House
Pets & Farming
Quicktime Events
And much more!
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