Games of Depravity: The Motel screenshotGames of Depravity: The Motel screenshotGames of Depravity: The Motel screenshotGames of Depravity: The Motel screenshotGames of Depravity: The Motel screenshot
Games of Depravity: The Motel poster

Games of Depravity: The Motel 1.00

Game update on 23/04/2024. Created by Kroelle Cook. Available for download in en.

What is that hot redhead doing racing thru the desert, all but naked, on the back of a motorcycle?
What business do the two have at 'The Motel'?
Who is big guy holding her leash?
What kind of depraved game is going on here?

I hope you'll enjoy - It's going to be a while before I tackle a project like this again, although Savannah is already nagging me to do more wicked 'Games of Depravity'.​

Game is avaialble for Windows, Linux, Mac
3DCG, Kinetic Novel, Female Protagonist, Vaginal sex, Anal sex, Group sex, Oral sex, Groping, Titfuck, Multiple Penetration, Sex toys, Prostitution
How to install:
1. Extract and run.
Developer comments:
It all started with a wallpaper battle, a battle I lost big time I might add (Thank you for that very pleasant experience btw Nemiegs :-D).
Savannah was conceived however and would not go away again. I decided to do a short strip - juuuust a few images of her riding on the back of a bike.
Four images turned into five, six, seven - you get the picture. Some of you may already have stumbled on her in the 'Show us your dazskill' thread.
One scene turned in to more scenes and slowly some vague semblance of a 'story' evolved.
Next, I figured - wouldn't it be cool to have sound with that motorbike? Enter Ren'Py. After that post work processing, searching for sounds etc. etc. etc.
And what do you know - all of a sudden, I had survived yet another long dreary Scandinavian winter without suffering a depression.
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