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Orphan Ch.1

Game update on 01/04/2024. Created by Exalted Textwith html. Available for download in en.

is an adult CYOA/interactive-novel set in a dying neo-Rome ruined by Sorcery, ruled by the Blade. Immerse yourself in an unforgiving world, full of violence, magic, sex and intrigue. Life in the Cradle is short, brutish and crude. Ruined nobles struggle for power amongst the shadows of a crumbling city-state teeming with sorcery, rampant slavery and corruption. And you... you're just a nobody. For now.
SpoilerMarring the frigid surface of a doomed planet lies an impossibly massive crater, so wide that one could never hope to see the other side with their naked eye, or the crumbling edge high above. Looming in the dark abyss of space above, a purple gas giant seems close enough to touch, casting a luminous violet haze over much of the world.
Smothering one side of the bowl lies a sprawling city-state, Cradle, where rampant and relentless slavery fuels the day-to-day misery of the multiracial mass within. The cracked, cobbled streets descend far down into the earth, where the poorest and lowliest lie, steam seeping through a ruined labyrinth of pitch-black alleys and shadow-filled lairs.
Here begins a tale of a boy who had his destiny stolen away from him.
What follows determines whether or not he is able to steal it back.

Game is avaialble for Windows, Linux, Mac
Male Protagonist, Text Based, Corruption, Creampie, Interracial, Domination, Oral Sex, Slave, Spanking, Teasing, Vaginal Sex, Adventure, Dystopian setting, Fantasy, Monster Girl, Voyeurism
How to install:
1. Open the html file in your browser of choice.
Developer comments:
Hey, I'm Truth Serum of Exalted Text. I hope you give Orphan a shot and potentially leave feedback, positive or otherwise. You should be able to reach me through my Discord which is linked on the game's title screen and on my Patreon. The game (novel) is in active development with chapters intended to be released monthly. I hope you enjoy the experience and join me for the ride!
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769 kBHTML1/3/2024

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