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How I Escaped Futa Prison screenshotHow I Escaped Futa Prison screenshotHow I Escaped Futa Prison screenshotHow I Escaped Futa Prison screenshotHow I Escaped Futa Prison screenshotHow I Escaped Futa Prison screenshot

How I Escaped Futa Prison v1.1.0

Game update on 18/03/2024. Created by Cute Pen Games. Available for download in en.

How I Escaped Futa Prison is a vampire-survivors-like sexy game where you play as a Futa escaping from prison. Shoot your way through the prison and slap your enemies with your giant penis.​

Game is avaialble for Windows
2DCG, 2D Game, Combat, Futa/Trans protagonist, Graphic Violence, Masturbation, Strategy,
How to install:
1. Extract and run.
Developer comments:

Imprisoned for being a futanari, you need to escape by fighting guards using various weapons. Unfortunately your gigantic penis makes it difficult to hide as every enemy can immediately spot you! The enemies aren't smart, but there's many of them. Use your special forces training to dodge their grasp and defeat each guard that stands in your way. Will you be able to survive? Or will you find yourself stuck on another one of the floors of this sex-filled prison?
- Polished vampire-survivors-like gameplay.
- Weapons ranging from tampons, bubble gums, used condoms etc.
- Each weapon has its own advantages over other ones
- Easy controls make it easy to play with just one hand
- Quick play with replay value for unlocking all the sexy images!

Control your character with WSAD and pick your upgrades and weapons in this vampire-survivors-like shooter. Save another futa prisoners along the way to unlock reward images and auto use weapons to take out any guards who get in your way. Try to kill all of them without taking much damage. If you die you will have to re-start the level. All of the reward images unlocked can be later viewed in the gallery and are automatically saved!
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66.4 MBRAR1/2/2024

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