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BB-Breakout 1.0

Game update on 01/03/2024. Created by BBSoftworkswith other. Available for download in en.

Hordes of grabby bricks have attacked our heroines and only YOU can defeat them with the help of your trusty paddle. Play through 4 SFW and 4 NSFW stages to save the babes and unlock sexy galleries!​

Game is avaialble for Windows
2DCG, AI CG, BDSM, Male protagonist, Oral Sex, Strategy,
How to install:
1. Extract and run using the .exe.
1. Play online at
Developer comments:
About this game:

I started learning to code in January by following online tutorials, one of which was MakerTech's "Breakout in Godot". It started off as a simple exercise but, as time passed, it started to remind me of playing sexy Flash games many years ago on sites like Newgrounds and such. Development has been a huge challenge in terms of patience, as I'm pretty much learning as I go and every idea is something I haven't learned how to do yet - because of this, you may come upon some weird design decisions (for example, I feel like going from a mouse menu to a WASD level selection screen can be off-putting), but everything was made from the perspective of "I wonder if I can make this work". As an interesting tidbit, the NSFW mode wasn't even in my original project but, after adding the gallery for the regular mode, it just felt like it would be an exciting addition to the experience. There's nothing like losing a life because you lost your focus, took a peek at the girl and forgot where the ball was!

Anyway, I hope you get some enjoyment out of playing BB-Breakout. After more than a month of working on this game, I'm excited to resume learning more about coding and tackle on a more ambitious project, maybe further into the RPG / SRPG / lifesim realm.

Make sure you leave a comment or your feedback for the game, and follow us on Twitter to stay connected!

- Tatochop
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