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Fairy Adventures v0.1

Game update on 30/03/2024. Created by Adult Gaming Adventures. Available for download in en.

Welcome to Fairy Adventures, a magical game where you explore an enchanted forest and capture magical fairies. In this game, you will encounter a variety of cute and colorful fairies. Use various items to collect pixie dust from the fairies and other woodland creatures.
As you progress through the game, you will encounter more challenging fairies and obstacles, and you will need to use strategy and quick thinking to capture them all. Along the way, you will unlock new adventures and discover hidden secrets and treasures.
With its erotic visuals and exciting gameplay, Fairy Adventures is a game that will enchant all players. Join us on this fairy-filled adventure and see how many fairies you can capture!​

Game is avaialble for Windows
2DCG, Adventure, BDSM, Creampie, Fantasy, Futa/Trans, Male protagonist, Monster, Monster girl, Oral sex, Sex toys, Slave, Strategy, Vaginal sex,
How to install:
1. Extract and run.
Developer comments:
Fairy Adventures Story
The fairies that inhabit the nearby enchanted forest come in a variety of "flavors". There is the fierce Tigresi Fairies with their tattooed bodies and strong personalities.

The sweet little Fruit Fairies are timid and bashful.

The Winter Fairies are cold and calculating.

Not to mention the Celestial Fairies and Garden Fairies. But the two things they all have in common are their love of berries and their valuable pixie dust. You will find usually find fairies hanging around the berry bushes, collecting them to take back to the canopy homes high in the treetops. If you are clever, you can lure them into an opening with a berry in order to capture them by hitting them with a KO mushroom.

The mushrooms can be found scattered throughout the forest (usually appearing after a fairy takes a little pee-pee). The mushrooms can be used to knock out and capture any woodland creature, including leprechauns, elves, trolls, and even the rare tree nymphs. They will get the gnomes too, but some of them are pretty tough and it might take 2 or even three to knock them out fully.

There are so many ways you can make money with these beautiful creatures. They all have crazy squirting orgasms (to some degree) that will give you chances to make money.

The elves live in their own elfin city, which is in another dimension from our own, but they periodically visit the forest to capture fairies. They seek the same pixie dust that we value. Combined with their own elfin magic, they pixie dust gives them eternal life, but it wears off quickly, so they are in constant need to resupply. The elves enter our dimension through their pussy portals, which open and close quickly, but I wonder if it may be possible to enter the Elfin world...

The mischievous leprechauns appear and disappear with magic. They are constantly on the lookout for any fairy that comes near them so they can get in their pants and rub their sweet pussies. Once in a while they may even grab one to take back to their lair for a short time. They are also a source of cash, as leprechauns always have gold on them and they tend to drop gold coins when they have their shaking orgasms.

The horny little gnomes hide all over the forest. They appear as rocks, mushrooms, or berry bushes. But if a fairy comes near they will come out of hiding to grind their pussies all over their body. It's unclear if they are trying to rub some pixie dust off them or if they are just perverted horny creatures, but one thing is for sure: they are tough as nails. It takes multiple KO mushrooms to knock them out, and if they shift into their magical hiding form, they are impossible to capture. But if you do manage to grab one, they are a ton of fun to play with. They are so horny they will have orgasms after orgasm. You won't collect as much pixie dust off them, but it's still a lot of fun to watch them squirm and squirt all over the place.
(picture coming)

The nasty trolls have a different way of collecting the pixie dust they need to survive in their dark, underground sanctuary. They will pop up from a hole in the ground and catch the fairies by surprise and then lick and suck the pixie dust out of their pussies with their long nasty tongues. They actually ingest the pixie dust, which sustains them since they are unable to eat any other kind of food. If you capture a troll, you have to get her exhausted from the orgasms until she vomits the pixie dust out. It takes some work and practice, but the reward is worth it. If you were ever able to get down into that underground labyrinth, you could collect a ton of pixie dust (if you survive it).

There are a variety of nymphs in the enchanted forest, but most are almost impossible to ever see, much less capture. The tree nymphs, although much more rare than the other woodland creatures, are sometimes possible to find. They are gentle, sensual creatures that "take care" of the forest trees. It is while they are taking care of a tree that you may be able to capture one. But beware, that the trees do not take kindly to messing with their nymphs and may enact revenge the next time you visit the forest.

All fairies are designed to appear 18+ in age, and any resemblance to any other characters, real or animated, is a coincidence. All art has been designed from scratch or attributed in the credits.


Enter the Fairy Realm:
By utilizing a combination of magical items and a Conjuring Wand with the right conjuring gesture, you can turn yourself into a man fairy and enter the forbidden fairy realm, where all fairies fly around naked. You can fly and capture fairies and fuck them to gather pixie dust. They also tend to squirt and their juices cause mushrooms to grow which can be collected, but be careful. In the fairy realm, if you don't gather the mushroom quickly, it explodes and can hurt you. The fairies are armed with bows and arrows! There are other creatures that inhabit the fairy realm as well. One of the most terrifying is the banshee. She will appear out of nowhere and her ghastly screams will hurt you badly until you manage to capture her and fuck her until she cums. Then she will go away (at least for a while). If you stick around too long, the fairies might also call in a Valkyrie for help. She is a serious warrior but if you do it right, you can catch her off guard and fuck her hard.
If you are clever, you can also discover the entrance to Hades through the Fairy Realm. In Hades you will find ample opportunity to fuck women that have been sent there to be tortured. You will also find an actual succubus. It is always very fruitful to capture and fuck a succubus, but only if you are the one doing it. If she gets you from behind, she will fuck you and drain your energy quickly. You should also be alert for the demon women that inhabit Hades. They should be avoided at all costs or you may find yourself stuck and tortured for a very long time.
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121 MB7Z0/2/2024
141 MBEXE0/2/2024

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