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The Crossdressing Detective 2 v1.00

Game update on 02/03/2024. Created by FTGirl. Available for download in en, jp, cn.

Welcome to "Transvestite Detective Ip-Wha-Kuei"!
In this action infiltration type game, you play as the main character Ip-Wha-Kuei.
He is a detective who specializes in cross-dressing and uses his unique skills to infiltrate criminal hideouts, rescue missing girls, and search for his missing sister.

There are many different types of missions in the game: investigation missions, rescue missions, assassination missions, and tracking missions. All missions will test your wits and courage.​

Game is avaialble for Windows
3D game, 3DCG, Adventure, Anal sex, Animated, Bukkake, Censored, Combat, Gay, Graphic violence, Handjob, Masturbation, Male protagonist, Oral sex, Trap, Rape, Rpg, Sex toys, Sexual harassment, Side-scroller
How to install:
1. Extract and run.
Developer comments:
What is the mysterious and indecent case he experiences? And what about the dirty and dangerous criminals she encounters?

In "Transvestite Detective Hagawakuei," you find yourself in a crime infested city where you will pit your wits against a variety of criminals and villains. You must gather evidence, analyze information, and think from all angles in your quest for the truth.
The player's goal is not to fight the enemy, but to avoid them as much as possible and find the missing or abducted girl.

Find your beautiful sister, rescue a missing girl, and charm your target with your cross-dressing!

The main line mission of the protagonist Kano语嫣 is to find her missing sister. She may have been abducted, but she may also be carrying out a dangerous mission.
To gather information, players must operate their cell phones to find different requests.

The characters

The main character, detective "Kuei Haganagi", takes on a request to dress up as a woman and collect evidence of a crime...and the scenario unfolds.
He runs a detective agency to search for his missing sister. She is commissioned to investigate cases of sex crimes, kidnapping of young girls, disappearances, extramarital affairs, etc. In order to collect evidence of crimes, he sometimes dresses as a woman on purpose and seduces his subjects.
He is an expert in this genre who has been solving sex crime cases for years. Because of his neutral facial features, he looks like a girl even when he is dressed as a woman.
He sometimes sneaks into a criminal's hideout to rescue a missing girl, or purposely follows and talks to a suspect to get information.

Sister of Kuei Ip-warabi. She is an investigator specializing in human trafficking.
Aya Ip's beauty was a selling point, and she rose through the ranks by using her body as a weapon to have physical relations with a number of senior officials, and by entrapping them.
Aya Ipwu repeatedly infiltrated gang strongholds to search for evidence and set up the [Special Action Force of Policewomen] to counter the entire human trafficking network.
As a result, she is exposed to the interests of local gangs and human trafficking syndicates, and is betrayed by her colleagues to hell!
After that, Aya Ipawa's whereabouts were unknown.

Operating method

Arrow keys (A) and (B) move the leaf kuei up, down, left, and right. (Q) key (E) key to rotate the camera left or right.
Holding down the blank key will cause 叶语嫣 to run, but it will drain your strength.
As long as Ip語嫣 is near an enemy, he will be in a [tense] state, which will consume even more of his strength value.

Mouse click/(J) key to assassinate an enemy.
Mouse click/(U) key to hide in a locker/defeat a palette.
Mouse click/(K) key to open the door/exit the locker.
During the chase, stop the pursuit if there is no Ipogo-Kuei. Exit the room where the enemy enters before you run out of energy.
If you appear in front of the enemy or get too close to the front (even if there is an obstacle in between), the enemy will find Ip Wo Kuei and start chasing you.
If you hide in a locker, the enemy's pursuit will stop.
If an enemy is within the palette's attack range, it will turn red, so press it to stun the enemy.

After confirming the enemy's position on the mini-map, Ip-ekuei approaches (assassinates) the enemy from the flank or back side.
As long as you are in pursuit, you cannot assassinate the enemy.
If caught, resist by pressing (A) and (D) keys repeatedly

The Ip Man Kuei creates a wall of fire with a Molotov cocktail, temporarily blocking the enemy. The smoke also obstructs the enemy's vision.
Releases poisonous gas to slow down the enemy's movement. Mouse scroll/(U) key and (I) key to switch items.

F1 key: Display windows
F2 key: full screen display
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