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Go Go Alina 1.02

Game update on 03/02/2024. Created by MomiMomiStudio. Available for download in en.

It has been five years since the hero Est defeated the Demon King.
Many demons who had been unified by the Demon King returned to their own world, and the world became peaceful.
However, some demons still remain in this world, and the threat has not completely disappeared.
The knights were dealing with them and defeating them, but the demons were able to slip through the knights' cracks and increase their population.
So, the government ordered quests for ordinary people, called adventurers, with the reward of defeating demons, and further strengthened safety measures,
A young girl named Alina joins the quest,
However, the quest is not only about demons, but also about traps.​

Game is avaialble for Windows


1. Extract and run.
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