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Game update on 20/12/2023. Created by MaxGamezwith renpy. Available for download in en.

You take on the role of Max, a student returning home for the holidays from boarding school. You sense something strange about your home, even though you can't quite place it. You don't feel as though this is your old house before board school. You attempt to ignore these emotions, but as things around the house happen, your resolve to do so is put to the test. You want to trust, but you are unable to do so. Everything seems strange, and you begin to question the people who matter most to you.
SpoilerDark secrets come to light, whether they are yours or theirs. Even if you appear to have control, someone else appears to be in charge of the affairs at home, and you want to take charge of them.

These summaries appear difficult, but they won't be as the game goes on. This is the first game of MaxGamez. Demo version is released for feedback on gameplay with limited content , next update will have more.
Looking for help with dialogues, and proofreading.CONTAINS NTR!!!​

Game is avaialble for Windows, Linux, Mac


3DCG, Male Protagonist, Sandbox, Milf, Netorare, Voyeurism, Big ass, corruption, blackmail

Future Tags:
Futa(optional), Oral Sex, Masturbation, exhibition, sharing, Vaginal, anal etc.
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