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Faulty Wish Ch.0.5

Game update on 03/12/2023. Created by pinkheartgamezwith renpy. Available for download in en.

In a world were 100 hundred random people got their wish granted by god what do you think would happen? What if that god wasn't benevolent, what if he didn't always give you what you asked for. Well this time it led to more than half of the people who got their wish dying. However our protagonist avoided this unfortunate fate and took refuge in a government compound meant to house these individuals. After locking himself away for personal reasons trouble in the rest of the compound has him debating whether or not he will finally change and start to move on with his life or just kick back and live in solitude. Also people might die but that is neither here nor there.​

Game is avaialble for Windows, Linux, Mac
2dcg, aicg, animated, male protagonist, Groping, Handjob, Oral Sex, Titfuck, Vaginal Sex, Romance,
How to install:
1. Extract and run.
Developer comments:
Hey hey peeps I am finally back and with a new game, now I got a lot to say and I am sure you don't want to read it all so lets break it down.
Spoiler: Love MaxI had/wanted to scrap Love Max mostly because what I wanted to do with the game was way to big in scope from the start it got really un fun to work on, as well as my image making method improving drastically to the point where characters could look meaningfully different and I didn't want to redo all my previous images. If you liked that game or where it was going for some reason I do plan to return to it at some point but probably as a normal VN like this and not for a bit at least.Spoiler: FeedbackI am a really big feedback guy so if you want to point something out please say it.
heres some questions I have for.
1.Pacing- Love Max I think was paced really slowly in terms of sexual and story content and I completely did the opposite this to the point im concerned it gets hard to follow, if you have any input on this please mention it.
2.Art- My method for my images has improved greatly and im pretty confident that if im willing to spend enough time I can consistently get whatever I want but that makes the oppstacle time itself, so what I want to know is that some images I made aren't as good on minor details and I want to know whether this effects your enjoyment or not.
3.SFX and music- Just in general I want to know how I did, its probably my weakest spot so I don't have any specific questions
4.Writing- this relates to pacing a bit but I worry sometimes that I write vary samey for characters and if you notice this tell me.
5. Animations - I think I have a pretty good method for animations although a lot of these first ones aren't too good because I rushed a bit to get this out. Basically my question is whether or not you feel the animation style works or not and whether you think just stills would be more effective.Spoiler: Other ProjectsWhile I did give up on Love Max due to feature creep I still want to make other games with more gameplay, in fact I have something else im learning a new engine for but that will be awhile but look out for when that comes.

Also I should probably make this request in its own thread but one thing I want to work on is using my image creation method with new models and scenarios and for that I'd prefer to just be the art supplier to another person's game, so if you are good in rpgmaker(I really like those games) or another engine but aren't confident enough in art or want to offload some work please hit me up on here or if theres someone you know send them my way. Also I'd prefer to work in something less vanilla but not tooooo extreme, ideally NTR levels away from vanilla so that way I can work on things like expressions and different body compositions so if for some reason I actually have few people hit me up I'll probably choose on that factor. Also if it your still reading this and considering asking for my help(free btw) I would like you to at least take my advice on whatever your writing(I would want to feel involved).
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