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Game update on 27/11/2023. Created by OrionLegacy72with other. Available for download in en.

Lost Stars is Sci-Fi Adult RPG, you start your adventure on Phaeton, a desolated mining asteroid where various groups of Outlaws are constantly fighting to take control of it.
As a Freelancer you'll be hired to complete contracts for those able to afford your services, even if those contracts will often mean doing the Outlaws dirty job by killing the competition.
But survival isn't easy on Phaeton and resources are scarce. While being a gun for hire isn't the most glorious job, worst fate awaits those who confronts the ones in power...

Game is avaialble for WINDOWS
3D Game, Female Protagonist, Creampie, Lesbian, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Sex Toys, Sexual Harassment, Vaginal Sex, Rpg, Sci-fi, Shooter
How to install:
1. Extract and run.
Developer comments:
I hope you have fun while playing my game! If you have any bug to report please let me know and feel free to share any ideas and suggestions to improve the game!
The work on the next version, Alpha 1.1, has already started which will include:
  • The next main quest.
  • Followers.
  • The second area to explore.
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LostStars Public Alp...-a9c3e4.7z
1.15 GB7Z2/10/2023

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