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Game update on 12/11/2023. Created by unniewith other. Available for download in en.

A group of friends gets stuck in an old house during a thunderstorm.
They find a strange board game and decide to humor it.
As the game progresses, they get pregnant.
Please read the developer notes.​

Game is avaialble for Windows
2D Game, 2DCG, Animated, Female Protagonist, Ahegao, Pregnancy, Transformation, Horror, Puzzle, Adventure
How to install:
1. Extract and run.
Developer comments:
What is this?
This is a small game I've made utilizing assets from my main project.
In fact, this game is done within the project itself, so perhaps it's way more bloated than it should be.

To summarize, Jumanji, but pregnancy.
A group of friends gets stuck in an old house during a thunderstorm.
They find a strange board game and decide to humor it.
As the game progresses, they get pregnant.
There is no intercourse. Think of it as a body horror game with sexual undertones focused on pregnancy.

This is story and character focused, so the amount of player interactions or puzzles is minimal. At least certainly not to the extent of my other project.
After certain turns you can walk around and talk to the other characters and, occasionally, do something in order to progress. While there appear to be dice rolls, these are predetermined.
You can hit f5 to save state and f9 to load state. This is somewhat unstable, so use with care. Given the length of the game, a functional save systems isn't necessary. Otherwise the control scheme is unchanged.
Esc for menu, enter/space to interact, Q to stretch view, E for inventory, F to toggle framerate, wasd to move, shift to run, etc

No CG, all animations happen in real time with sprites.

If you've played Coffee Story, it will be blatantly apparent these are the same characters.
You are free to interpret it any way you want, whether it's all part of the same story or some alternative universe, or they're just unrelated look-a-likes.
I mostly reused them to save time on creating new personalities and looks. It was also helpful practice to flesh them out.

There is only 1 route available at the moment, which means this game is linear. Depending on how this is received I will either continue working on it for the other 2 routes or will switch focus back to Coffee and perhaps revisit this at a later date.
Dialog choices are superficial and only affect the immediate response, if at all.

I mostly made this to avoid a burn out.
Recent AMD drivers(August 2023) have introduced an issues that forced me to update GameMaker runtime.
Of course, I don't know the severity of the problem as I only have 1 AMD GPU to test with and how many people would have been affected, but I guess this needed to be done at some point anyway. I was told this now runs via Proton on Linux.
Previously I stopped updating after a major patch caused more work than it was worth. That was 3 years ago. This was a very painful process but hopefully the game now runs better at least.

This side project was a fairly pleasant to make. I hope you find some entertainment from it.
It was inspired by a story I stumbled onto on deviantart about a decade ago. "Baby Game" it was called I think.
I didn't really like it due its somewhat goofy nature, but the concept had stuck with me to this day and I always wanted to make my own interpretation.
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Coffee Story Extra
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