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Kobold's Knight of Livestock Final

Game update on 18/10/2023. Created by touhou-marupon-dou. Available for download in en.

Fighting under Fatima in the long war, Selma Quinn is regarded as the greatest of knights.
She loses her humanity and becomes a terrible "kijin" ravished by Kobolds like an animal
across a tragic life story in three stages: girl, adult, and middle age.

Game is avaialble for Windows


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How to install:

1. Extract and run.

Developer comments:

* Story
Selma Quinn.
Once she had fought beside the leader of the Fatima Knights, then became livestock for the orcs.
She and her party were rescued by Fatima in demon form after a year of captivity.
Selma returned to the battlefield. She bore the stigma of her experience.
Unwilling to suffer the scorn of those around her, she lashed out.
At some point the smiling person she had been was replaced with rage. She was a "Bloodthirsty Kijin".

For days and days, she continued her massacre.
But she became arrogant. Since nobody had stopped her, she began to think herself unstoppable.
That hubris, would be the thing that ends her life-----

* Situations
Over 40 base CGs, hundreds of variations
Nearly all action is unfurling perversity upon Selma, a plaything of Kobolds in the vanishing gloom of a prison camp.

- 100% interspecies sex, bestiality
- Copulation with a percentage chance of pregnancy, birth
- Kisekae (outfit change) system, dynamic changing pose art and pixel art,
and special events unlocked by obtaining outfits.
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