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Heads Will Roll: Reforged screenshotHeads Will Roll: Reforged screenshotHeads Will Roll: Reforged screenshotHeads Will Roll: Reforged screenshotHeads Will Roll: Reforged screenshotHeads Will Roll: Reforged screenshot

Heads Will Roll: Reforged v1.0.3

Game update on 07/10/2023. Created by 1917 Studios. Available for download in en.

Heads Will Roll: Reforged lets the player to take a role of an ordinary medieval soldier who finds himself in the middle of the legendary Hundred Years War between the kings of England and France. You start your way as a simple footman, whose sole ambition is to survive, but with proper skill and cunning or through blood and preservation, you might soon see yourself becoming one of the most famous knights of your time.
SpoilerThis game is a unique type of RPG with survival mechanics and turn-based combat that requires player to make careful decision both inside and outside the fight. The sophisticated combat system utilizes many different parameters including characters’ stats and attributes, familiarity and proficiency with certain weapons, weapon length, fatigue level, various traumas and injuries, as well as hundreds of different items and consumables.

Game is avaialble for Windows, Linux


2DCG, Combat, Male Protagonist, Sandbox, Management, Groping, Fantasy, Adventure, Big tits, Dating sim, Romance,

How to install:

1. Extract and run.
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909 MBRAR0/9/2023
64.2 MBRAR0/9/2023

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