The Gilded Ladder screenshotThe Gilded Ladder screenshotThe Gilded Ladder screenshotThe Gilded Ladder screenshotThe Gilded Ladder screenshotThe Gilded Ladder screenshotThe Gilded Ladder screenshotThe Gilded Ladder screenshot
The Gilded Ladder poster

The Gilded Ladder v0.1

Game update on 17/10/2023. Created by sanguineangiewith renpy. Available for download in en.

A male scientist is the main protagonist in this Office setting AVN, where he joins a cosmetics company 'Gilded Cosmetics' to help develop new products. From the start, he is immediately exposed to an office environment that would be an HR nightmare. Your choices will have consequences, but don't worry, you will keep your job. Romance options include straight, gay, and trans, with the ability to particpate/avoid as you wish.​

Game is avaialble for Windows, Linux
Current Tags
3DCG , Male Protagonist, Big Ass , Big Tits , Futa/Trans , Gay , Masturbation , Milf , Voyeurism, Office setting
Planned Tags
Sexual Content: Anal Sex , Ahegao , Bdsm , Big Ass , Big Tits , Blackmail , Cheating , Exhibitionism , Female domination , Futa/Trans , Gay , Groping , Handjob , Harem , Interracial , Lesbian , Male Domination , Masturbation , Milf , Oral Sex , Prostitution , Sex Toys , Sexual Harassment , Sissification , Spanking , Stripping , Teasing , Titfuck , Transformation , Trap , Vaginal sex , Voyeurism, Dating Sim , Office setting
How to install:
  1. Extract the files into a directory of your choosing.
  2. Run the file 'TheGildedLadder.exe'.
  3. Enjoy!
Developer comments:
[*]This is my very first project.
[*]Over two months, I have taught myself Ren'Py and Daz3D, leveraging my work experience in programming.
[*]During this time, I have created and rendered 161 unique images (and many re-shoots ) for the prologue of this AVN.
[*]As this is my first project, I would really appreciate any feedback. If you like my content, donations would be appreciated (see links above).
[*]I would like to release the next chapter by the end of 2023/early 2024, incorporating feedback at minimum. Currently assessing possibility of releases bi-weekly and what it would take.
[*]New locations planned include, but are not limited to: a scientific lab, houses, transportation hub, one or more local places near the office for additional encounters.
[*]Credit given to all free components used in development during Credits scene at end.
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