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Riya's Lucky Catch 1.0.2

Game update on 25/09/2023. Created by flutters.. Available for download in en.

You are an Ausar adventurer who's just starting out, but you've apparently caught the eye of a very troublesome futanari space-cop.​

Game is avaialble for Windows, Linux, Mac


Text based, BDSM, Vaginal Sex, Transformation, Female Protagonist, Futa/Trans, Furry, Big tits, Slave, Sex toys, Anal sex, Big ass, Bimbofication, Female domination, Male domination, Bestiality, Multiple endings, Pregnancy

Full disclosure, I 've honestly somewhat forgotten every fetish in the game and don't really want to spoil the endings. The general fetishes across the game are "Patronization, hypnosis, body transformation, bondage, actual sex, Bestiality (Technically not bestiality because they're sentient and as intelligent as humans and they don't tgechnically fall under bestiality blablabla but you know what I mean)". Apart from that there's stuff like bimbofication, stepford ending, scolipede TF ending, etc etc.

developer notes

There are 17 endings, with one image for each ending and six non-ending images. The story itself is 26,000 words and about 50-60 passages. It's also technically a Trials In Tainted Space fangame, though only in the sense of one character and a few terms like Ausar and Kaithrit. I know i'm in the minority, but I fell in love with riya from her first scene and have always been sad there wasn't more. I'm a total 'forced humiliation/embarrassment/degredation' slut and her casual specism and strong patronization was really nice, so I made a game all about that!
Or at least that's how it started. At this point I think 25-33% of the endigns don't actually involve her, but it's still majorly a Riya game. I was debating posting this due to how short it is, but I figured it'd be worth at least trying. I'll probably do another proofreading/minor rewrite at some point, but for multiple reasons (One of which being that It's hard for me to proofread without spending three hours deleting and rewriting every sentence) proofreading is difficult, so this is what the game is at now and It's hopefully good enough. Apart from a few cheap-keyboard related typos ('jsut' 'adn' 'spellign', a handful of these probably in the story somewhere) it should be at least HS senior quality.
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