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My First Love Stolen Final

Game update on 07/09/2023. Created by VENUS. Available for download in en.

Ryota skips class for the first time in his life to hang out on the roof,
where he meets Yuna, and they fall in love.
Unfortunately, Yuna’s family problems mean that she is
forced to live with an uncle who has unsavory intentions…​

Game is avaialble for Windows


2DCG, Male protagonist, Adventure, Big tits, Groping, Oral sex, Handjob, Titfuck, Vaginal sex, Creampie, Virgin, Group sex, Incest, Netorare, Multiple endings, School setting, Voiced, Japanese game

How to install:

1. If your Windows system does not have a native Japan install, then install LocaleEmulator
2. Extract game and run under LocaleEmulator under the Japanese locale option

Developer comments:

The best preparatory school in town.
Despite the promise of a promising future, Ryota Shindo has doubts about his future and skips class for the first time in his life.
Miyama Yuna, a girl he meets on the rooftop, is also a habitual skipper.
For two people who have lived their whole lives without touching others, this encounter was very special.
This encounter was a special one for both of them.
The strange feelings that grew with each conversation were for both of them
It was a feeling ・・・・"first love" that they had never known before.

However, in the midst of the excitement, Yuna's parents, who had been at odds with each other for a long time, intensified their violence against her father.
Yuna's parents' violence against her father intensified.
She has an argument with her father and runs away from home.
She argues with her father and runs away from home.
Her mother, who was worried about her father, told her to stay at her brother's place.
She let her mother go through with the story.
Yuna has only fond memories of her uncle who used to play with her when she was a child.
He was her uncle.
But under the circumstances, she had no choice but to do as her mother told her.

And so, living together with her uncle began...

- CV Rion Mizushima 2000 words!
- 26 basic CGs
- Multi-endings are included.
- CG mode and reminiscence mode are available.
- In addition, if you watch all the endings, you'll get an extra bonus...!

Yuna is in love with her boyfriend.
 No matter what happens, she keeps thinking about her boyfriend Ryota.
 Yuna continues to think about her boyfriend, Ryota, no matter what.
 Will she be able to live up to his feelings...
 Will she be able to bear the truth...
 Or you can go to ・・・・・・・・.
 It is up to you to choose which path you will take.
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205 MB7Z4/8/2023

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