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Halloween In Heaven Final 2

Game update on 12/08/2023. Created by SensualHarvest. Available for download in en.

Heaven village was haunted by the undead on halloween night, the dead rose from their grave and climbed the hill towards the convent, everyone fled but Lady Mary decided to protect the convent and the village, she knows she needs to be cold and calculating to succeed.​

Game is avaialble for Android


Adult, Erotic, Fighting, Math, Mobile, 2dcg, female protagonist, Horror, Combat, Monster, Side-scroller

How to install:

1. Extract and install APK
2. Only works for android v11, not tested on other versions.

Developer comments:

This game was developed some time ago at the request of a user who idealized a game that mixed mathematics with eroticism. In this game, the zombie approaches and the player's calculation represents the coldness and precision of Lady Mary. The player, in addition to solving the problem, must be quick to click on the correct result that floats across the screen. I advise you to click quickly and more than once, as sometimes the result slips through your fingers. Accumulated points can be used to unlock erotic animations in the game shop, these animations represent the fantasies of Lady Mary who spends her days alone in confinement and contemplation.
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61.9 MBRAR6/7/2023

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