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Intrusion of Alice Final

Game update on 12/07/2023. Created by MediBang. Available for download in en.

The agent "Alice" was secretly and unofficially sent in from the army for a secret mission alone. Her mission was to extract or destroy "the device" brought in to "Nereid" before the terrorists put their hands on it. With no help from outside, what would happen to Alice......​

Game is avaialble for Windows


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How to install:

1. Extract and run.

Developer comments:

[Character - Agent Alice]
An agent from a special unit, "Mad Tea Party (MTP)".
She is a professional of infiltration, using her small body.
She does not show her emotion, but she does feel things.
She uses a handgun and her favorite Karambit knife.

[Stealth Action RPG]
This game is a stealth action RPG.
Use the objects and find a good timing to explore the map without being spotted by the enemies.
If found, she will engage in combat.
Ammunition and resources are limited, and Alice is not so strong.
Avoid the enemies as much as possible.

She can avoid the combat by "backstabbing" the enemies from their back or side without being noticed.
Sneaking and assasination, you can choose your favorite style of infiltration.

[Skill Customization]
By consuming the points she gets from combat, Alice's skills can be improved.
By changing her "mindset", she can use various special skills.
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