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The Giant's Treasure Final

Game update on 02/07/2023. Created by Monster-ken. Available for download in en.

The Giant's Treasure is an RPG adventure game set in a semi-open world.
You will control up to 17 different magical girls and embark on an adventure in post-apocalyptic Japan.​

Game is avaialble for Windows


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How to install:

1. Extract and run.

Developer comments:

・There are initially only a few characters available, but as the characters grow, the areas where you can take action will expand,
and you will also gain more allies to use.
・Each magical girl possesses unique battle skills, and there are a total of seven types of skills: Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Thunder, Light, and Dark.
・All training is done in high resolution animation, so even those who are concerned about quality can rest assured.
Of course, you can train all 17 female characters!
・During the training process, the reactions of the female characters will differ depending on their personalities.
Players can enjoy the stimulation of training through their facial expressions, voices, and conversations.
・When a woman's lust reaches a certain critical point, she will be in a faint estrus time. Don't miss this moment and go out on your own!
・Of course, it is possible to protect their virginity, prevent them from being assaulted by machines, and even reach the "pure love route" by suppressing their own desires.
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2.47 GBRAR0/6/2023

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