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Bad End Girl Final

Game update on 30/06/2023. Created by Purple-Pink. Available for download in en.

・This work consists of two scenes, a "touching scene" and an "insertion scene".
 The contents are conscious of immediate nuki, and there is never a lot of volume.

・Three ghosts appear in this work, including the player, but
 most of the actions are performed by the player alone.
 Please note that multiplayer play is not included in the work.

・The heroine cannot be completely naked.

Spoiler: FeaturesSituation overview
・This work  is produced with the theme of
 "a touch game where you do naughty things to a girl who is going down a ladder" .  For the time being, there is a little setting, but  please understand that the contents are not deeply dug.  --- Setting of this work ---  A girl who is trapped in a certain mansion  descends a ladder leading to an underground cave in order to escape.

Game is avaialble for Windows


Simulation, Rape, Uniform, Ghost, Anime, Touch/Feel, Clothed, Anal, Spanking, Vaginal

How to install:

1. Extract and run.
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87.3 MBRAR6/6/2023

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