My Girlfriend Abroad, Act I screenshotMy Girlfriend Abroad, Act I screenshotMy Girlfriend Abroad, Act I screenshot
My Girlfriend Abroad, Act I poster

My Girlfriend Abroad, Act I 2.0

Game update on 27/05/2022. Created by rickrick69with html. Available for download in en.

My Girlfriend Abroad is a mobile chat simulator created with the Chat Game Maker software. You play as a software developer and take control of his cellphone to communicate with his girlfriend, Tiffany, who has recently moved abroad to embark on a new career path. You can also download apps, look at pictures that have been sent to you, and get to know her and her friends along the way. It’s hard to maintain a long distance relationship and you discover new things about your girlfriend and well as her friends that you never suspected and more…​

Game is avaialble for Windows, Linux, Mac
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How to install:
1. Extract and run.
Developer comments:
This game is a passion project that I put tons of hours into creating and testing. I had a great deal of feedback from users and especially Nightdrop, the creator of the Chat Game Maker. I started a discord that really expanded the game’s story and development. Many thanks to the specific members who provided direct feedback and took this project to the next level. I hope you enjoy playing the game and feel free to post any feedback.
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4.21 GBZIP1/4/2023

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