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Arachnophilia 0.3.1

Game update on 23/07/2022. Created by amd_dman. Available for download in en.

Unfortunately due to a certain spider biting you in the balls, it seems you've come down with an ailment that requires you to masturbate and ejaculate, or... well... die a painful death.
Fun times.

Dr Jane has helped you alleviate the build up for now and has prescribed medication to help you out in that endeavor. Maybe you can enlist the help of some friends, or even family, to manage your new found illness?
SpoilerThis game is heavily inspired by Son of a Bitch!, The Company, and Paradise Found with my own little gameplay twist. Majority of NTR will be avoidable (as you'll be able to interrupt it before it reaches any point of sexual interaction). I'm not trying to cater to either group here, so if you like it cool, if you don't, you don't. I'm not making this to make money but for enjoyment. As for NTR content it'll probably be both cheating and swinging, but mostly cheating. I want to make the game replayable in terms of different content you can choose so that will be one way of doing it.I hope to release content on a monthly basis if there's enough demand for it, but for now please enjoy the current first iteration!

Game is avaialble for Windows, Mac, Linux
real porn, animated, big ass, big tits, groping, interracial, male protagonist, ntr, romance, voyeurism, incest, oral sex, twine
How to install:
Unzip and run the html file
Developer comments:
This is the first public release of this game (v0.3). I've been working on it off and on when I get time as real life gets in the way of a lot of things when you're an adult. Please let me know of any bugs or glitches you come across. I try do a decent amount of QA but as always with software development bugs arise in the weirdest places. I've also toned down a LOT of the grind to make it easier to progress. There's still SOME grind, because I believe a game shouldn't be a push over but not Elden Ring level of throwing your controller across the room after dying 30x.
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