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Chimeras Game Collection 2023-04-20

Game update on 20/04/2023. Created by ChimeraZakwith other. Available for download in en.

Chimeras game collection​

Game is avaialble for Windows
2dcg, male protagonist, futa protagonist, big breasts, big tits, adventure, fantasy, vaginal sex, oral sex, creampie, pregnancy, turn based combat, animated, handjob, masturbation, sandbox, management, monster girl, monster, tentacles, anal sex, multiple penetration, bestiality, group sex, lesbian, rape,
How to install:
1. Extract and run.
Developer comments:
Hi, I'm ChimeraZak! I'm from Ukraine!I create pixel art, pixel animation, and pixel games (R-18)

Forest Home (old but working version).
SpoilerHi, I decided to sort all my files that filled the folders and came across this Forest Home build. What is it about him? Well ... this is a working completed build (with old animations) of the Forest Home that you can go through and it has everything.

After playing it a little, I came across a small number of bugs and realized that it was after this build that the development of the game went unclear how. So I decided to share this build with you so that you can play the old version (although it is more extensive and working than the new one).

Also small news about the development of the Forest Home (new versions).

So, I gradually come to the conclusion that it is necessary to abandon the development on the Game Maker. Cause? Bugs, old cluttered code that works through kludge (which cause bugs), very long level creation (the toolkit is much worse than in Godot), well, and many other reasons. Therefore, more and more I do not want to work with the Game Maker (explain: on this engine, I developed the Forest Home).

This is insanity, and I have already annoyed you with these long developments, I admit I myself want to complete everything as quickly as possible, but if I do this, the final product will not be very interesting. So the next build of the Forest Home (most likely on a new engine), you need to wait in the next month. And soon I will post a "This village needs help" build, with the added hentai system and other interesting things!

Thank you for your support and also added some art's below!
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