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A Whole New World 0.11

Game update on 06/01/2022. Created by Remionarwith renpy. Available for download in en.

A Whole New World is an experimental visual novel which features a blend of A.I Generated character faces, real porn, and stylizing in an effort to create a more immersive gameplay experience. Inspired by the likes of 'Good Girl Gone Bad' and the corruption genre, it follows the story of foreign exchange student Priya Srinivasan on her journey of self-discovery. The Bitchiness and Kinkiness meters determine her general attitude based on the player's choices, either advancing to a new level or remaining unchanged at the end of each chapter and influencing the events of the next. Alongside these, Priya's relationship with each character is also tracked.​

Game is avaialble for Windows and Mac
2DCG, BDSM , Corruption, Female Protagonist, Humiliation, Interracial, Real Porn, School Setting
How to install:
1. Extract and run.
Developer comments:
Please note that the game's graphics and the attempt to merge photorealistic images and scenes with 2D sprites is uncharted territory. Many compromises have to be made, and sometimes willingness on the part of the player to use their imagination and the 'theatre of the mind' with flawed tools may be required, in the same manner that consumers of adult games like us had to learn to tolerate flawed 3DCG models that are far from being the realistic, polished characters that you might find in a Triple AAA video game., and often have some very obvious artificial downsides, ranging from facial expressions to joints and seams and other factors.

Taking the advice gathered from the first release, I have done the best I can to resolve some of the issues, and hopefully for the better. Unfortunately, not being a 2D artist myself and without the means of employing one, the only alternative would be to eliminate every visual completely save for the portraits and perhaps the backgrounds, describing events in text only. Since I've also witnessed a share of people who were not too put off by the initial art style, I think it would be best to keep it in its remastered form which tries to fix some things to the extent possible, while enabling those who would prefer to focus on the story exclusively to likewise do so.

On a more gameplay related note, I'd like to stress that romantic and sexual involvement with any character in the game is going to be completely up to your character. That is already evident in your ability to avoid various thoughts or distance yourself from characters that you wish to distance yourself from in the prologue, and will remain so throughout the game. By the way, it should also be noted that a character having a low opinion of you does not necessarily preclude a sexual relationship with that character, if you decide to pursue it. I intend to portray 'love-hate' relationships and things like 'hate fucks' in the game as well. There could equally be some characters who wouldn't be into that though, so keep an eye out for their reactions and attitude toward certain choices.

Currently, only fhe prologue is finished and released as a demo to gauge reception.
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