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Pocket Touch Simulation! Final

Game update on 23/02/2022. Created by Yanmarumaa. Available for download in en.

Different episodes of harassing cute girls
Main scenario / character introduction
SpoilerEP (1) [My categorization was a metamorphosis of Majiyaba]
You are a tutor of a naughty and poor-performing girl "Katagiri Ryuko-chan".
Let's teach the adult world physically to improve her grades!

EP (2) [Kimono Girl Insult Apocalypse]
You are a preacher of the title-only shrine maiden "Ototake Yui" who could not protect the village from the karma that broke the barrier.
Shake the authority of her village mayor and give her sanctions!

EP (3) [Let's get sexually harassed by an exhibitionist blonde bikini transvestite!]
The person you picked up thinking that you are a brown bikini beautiful girl is deceived by a man and gets angry.
Bully this lewd and cheeky man's daughter to relieve her anger!

[EP (4) [Go, I'll serve you, my husband ...]
You have realized the ideal maiden-type beautiful boy and the long-sought off-paco.
Let's fall into a deep and deep night feast together!

EP (5) [Committee will be sentenced to acme for a long time !!]
You are the student council president of Incredible Academy.
Let's abduct the chairman of the discipline who is trying to reach your
"Bishojo Harlem Plan" and punish him for tickling!

EP (6) [Lucky with a double get !!]
You are a thief who has conquered the enemy country and robbed the royal girls of their freedom.
Let's give the non-resisting girls a stamp of sex ●●!

Game is avaialble for Windows, Android
2dcg, animated, male protagonist, teasing, sex toys, groping, vaginal sex, bdsm, japanese game, anal sex, big ass, big tits, customization, creampie, tentacles, monster, simulator, trap, futa, rape, multiple penetration,
How to install:
1. Extract and run.
Developer comments:
95% cut of unnecessary events and game elements that are not related to eroticism! It is a new sense of SLG specializing in touch etch ★

◆ Catchphrase
A super-simple game that just clicks on each character's part and makes the opponent squid with a button operation!

◆ This work's recommendation ☝
☆ Moving animation etch CG
☆ With character voice!
☆ All you can touch freely!

◆ Precautions about the
work ☆ This work is a simulation game for adults created with Unity.
Please be sure to play the trial version before purchasing to avoid cases where problems or problems occur in the play operation on your device.

■ A well-balanced set for touch enthusiasts divided into 6 scenarios ☝

The symbol mark "PTS" of this work is an abbreviation of the English name "Pocket Touch Simulation", and as the name suggests, we aimed for a simple touch eroge that anyone can easily play.

Although simple, the characters and scenarios are divided into 6 chapters, each with different genres and situations.
Since the player is the main character in all the main scenarios, a realistic and highly flexible etch scene is developed.

In addition, we are planning to enrich new contents with successive updates, so it is full of game elements that you can enjoy without feeling rut ☆

Touch the character's erogenous zone using bare hands, tentacles, toys, feathers, etc.
We have faithfully reproduced each touching motion by visually editing the gestures of panting with a cute voice and turning the body back and forth with an animation formula, frame by frame.
Please experience the recommended elements that are made up of all 528 patterns of Live2d motion through the screen.

Also, in this work, both the touch function using the click operation and the function to enjoy the motion in AUTO mode are mixed.
Please enjoy it according to the mood of the player.

■ Full dress-up function ・ Reproduce various situations from the player's perspective ☝

In addition to the usual universal touch game, this work introduces a multifaceted game system such as sex change / breast size change, zoom function, and genital type change!
Also, depending on the type of underwear, real sex while wearing it We have also prepared situations for users who are attacking niche genres, such as challenging!
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