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War of the Realms 2022-04-30

Game update on 05/10/2021. Created by AJLee7385. Available for download in en.

My goal for this game is to create a Chose Your Own Adventure Sandbox Game. Will you be Hero or Will you be the Villian. I want you to have the choices. So I will do My best to make sure you have them.​

Game is avaialble for Windows, Linux, Mac
male protagonist, male domination, mind control, incest, rape, real porn, drugs, bondage
How to install:
1. Extract and run.
Developer comments:
Welcome to War of The Realms my name is Roy, and this is my second attempt at using twine. As well as my third time trying to make I game. In my other games, my biggest problems were grammar and codding knowledge. I still have both issues but I haven't given up so I ask you to bear with me because in all honesty even though I'm 37, I still have an 8th-grade reading level, so at times my punctuation and spelling will still suck.
I know my grammar sucks given my reading level so if you tell me where and what to fix i will do my best
I've tried to fix but the Corruption stat gave issues in codding I'm hoping one Corruption stuff getting add it will fix for now please ignore it as it's not important yet
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