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Lugdunia: The Rift 0.0.4

Game update on 01/05/2021. Created by MystikoGames. Available for download in en.

You're a young adult female born in the town of Arbora. While life has been generally been normal, things in town are starting to change. Dead bodies are popping up out of nowhere and although no one recognizes these bodies, you feel like an even bigger event might happen soon...​

Game is avaialble for Windows
2DCG, Female Protagonist, Futa/Trans, Groping, Ahegao, Oral sex, Masturbation, Adventure, Fantasy, RPG, Groping, Vaginal Sex, Anal Sex
How to install:
1. Extract and run.
Developer comments:
Spoiler: ControlsFor now (will be adjustable in the future):
Movement: WASD
Jump: Space
Crouch: Left ctrl/C
Interact: E/F
Aim: Mouse

F1: Open inventory
Escape: Enables mouse so you can click the on-screen GUI to access options/inventory/equipment (no equipment for now)
Spoiler: List of planned stuff & main focusesAnimated sex scenes. (Both image -> to anim conversions and pixel art animation (I never liked 3D porn)

Main protagonist: Female

Possible temporary protag (in the future): Futanari

Main focuses:
-Futanari x female
-Female x female
-Male x female

List of very likely kinks with no particular frequency (I'll make sure to not over saturate a kink. E.g. have one in every scene):
-Monster girls
-Futa/trans (Considering this is the main focus, you'll likely see this in at least 50% of the scenes)
-Impregnation (May add an option to turn this off)
-Group sex
-Cock worship
-Clothed sex (Specific costumes)
-Body modification
-Public sex
-Hidden sex
-MAYBE traps

Absolutely will NOT be included:

Current list of planned races/creatures (with no particular order of release):

Some of these are more rare than others. For example, some will have towns or camps and some will be unique. E.g. a rare occurrence.
List may change/grow/shrink in the future.
Spoiler: Some stuff that dev wants you to readGraphics
Graphics settings currently default to normal quality. Make sure to enable ultra quality if you think your PC can handle it! =)

Current gameplay
0.0.3 is a fairly barebones and rough around the edges.
Basic combat has been made, although I still use some inefficient scripts and a bit too basic of an AI. But I can build upon this in the next patches.
The story is still very incomplete, which I'd like to work on in the next couple of patches.
Things that hint at a story are very incomplete, mainly because I focused on laying the groundwork for future updates instead. Personally I could make the choice between a very refined intro or laying the groundwork for future updates... I chose for the future updates as that increases the speed of my development and I don't like showing something high quality.. only for it to suddenly have very slow updates and not as high quality simply because I only cared about catching your interest right away. I realize catching your interest is important however, thus I hope you can see the potential the game has.

Scene quality is dependent on importance of a scene. Art is done by multiple artists as I've got a limited wallet on my own. (I make sure the actual sex scenes are up there in regards to quality.. in my opinion)

The story is currently fairly non-existent. Conversations were rushed, not everything makes sense.
This will change over the course of 0.0.2 and 0.0.3 as I will have more mechanics introduced into the game. This includes Morning/day/night cycles, combat etc. For example, there was no point in showing an important event that would otherwise have happened at night by creating a quick night mock-up that wouldn't be related to the eventual system I'd implement. Creating this mock-up just to show a higher quality start of the game would indeed give this game more traction, but personally I don't like investing time in something that would undermine the speed of the development. With my current way of developing, everything can be fairly fast while everything gets refined along the way.

Current issues
Save/load currently does not work. (Didn't want to spend too much time on it yet as there's not THAT much content etc, I preferred working on laying extra groundwork for content so I could work on that for the next update better.)
Gallery does not include all the scenes (I didn't think there were enough for me to really work on the gallery as of right now.) Will be done in 0.0.3
I've chosen to make the first three versions of the game public (0.0.1, 0.0.2 and 0.0.3) as in my opinion the currently available content is not refined enough to force people to support me in order to access them.
You may ask yourself, why would my character want to learn how to use a bow? Including other questions like those; these will all be added to the game on the next updates.

There may be a couple of bugs, let me know if you run into any of them and I'll fix them ASAP

Thank you

This includes conversations, events, terrain etc.
Make sure to look at the Trello to stay up to date!

Currently available: 5 adult scenes - 2 work animations (adult) - 1 adult non-sexual scene.
Spoiler: Some important stuffAll in all, I hope you can see the ton of work that went into 0.0.4 and the previous versions, even though there isn't that much content yet.

0.0.4 May still have a couple of bugs, which I will hot-fix if necessary.
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669 MBRAR1/4/2023

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